• Another Thorny Excel Task


    The attaced file is one more step in my attempt to handle the addition of Monday Powerball drawings. Part of it isn’t working.

    On the wkX tab, PBTweet (cell R15) indicates 95 shares, rather than the correct 68 shares as shown in cell F21.

    NOTE: A previous lottery pool, Lottery57 FIX 03.xlsm,  had 95 shares at its conclusion. You can see this file referenced throughout the Name Manager. I’m guessing this is the root of my problem.

    PBTweet gets its value from PBJackpot (cell AS12).  What’s needed is to make PBJackpot pick up the info in F21. This no doubt arises from my meddling with the Name Manager, which I have screwed up in other ways as well. I can point them out when needed, and can probably clean them up myself.

    In the meantime, maybe somebody can help with this specific problem. BTW, the polished solution to my previous request, along with credits, can be found on the Finances tab.

    Lou Sander

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      Alternate version of the file I attempted to upload before.


      Lou Sander

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        The message being shown in R15 is coming from text in cell AS12. I suspect the text in that cell is populated via the macros. Can you please upload the xlsm version of the file. If that doesn’t work for some reason, just change the xlsm extension to txt and upload it and advise that’s what you’ve done. Once we see the xlsm we should be able to figure out what is happening.


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          Here is the ZIP file.

          The Forum says that .XLSM files are OK to upload, but when I’ve tried to do that, they are rejected.

          (Sorry for the delay. I wasn’t getting your emails. Also this is posted under the wrong comment. It’s too early in the morning.)

          Lou Sander

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        To upload the xlsm, zip it up first.

        cheers, Paul

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      It appears somewhere along the line cell AS12 on tab wkX had its formula overwritten by it’s text at the time. I’ve looked at wk0, wk1, wk2 and the formula in their AS12 are consistent so I’ve put that into wkX AS12 – I think that gives you the result you are looking for. See Lottery58TEST(220107).xlsm in the attached zip file.


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      This may have done it. Good so far, but I’ll let you know after the next Monday drawing.

      Lou Sander

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      I am giving up on this, and starting again from scratch.

      When I created this workbook from a previous one, I unthinkingly copied several pages from the previous workbook. That created automatic links to the previous book. Not understanding how this worked, I dealt with the links in various ways, getting myself deeper and deeper into confusion.

      Far less confused now, I will start again and be more careful about creating unintended links.

      Lou Sander

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