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    There’s a whole bunch of re-issued KB articles for January’s security patches for multiple versions of .NET: 4076495, 4076494, 4076493, 4076492, and s
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      None of this month .NET updates is new, all were released in January

      .NET 3.5 update first released with January Security Rollup
      and now included “duplicated” in January Preview Rollup and February Quality Rollup (Optional)

      likewise .NET 4.5.2 update

      .NET 4.7.1 updates holds the difference, there are two of them
      the first belongs to January Security Rollup (Important)
      the second belongs to January Preview Rollup, and now included in February Quality Rollup (Optional)

      the KB articles revision is to document this duplication 🙂

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      From .NET Framework February 2018 Security and Quality Rollup: “It includes the same quality improvements that were part of the January 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup.”

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      I as much as anyone appreciate technical specifics, but it could be helpful to readers to note:

      “They seem to be associated with CVE-2018-0764 (Microsoft .NET Framework denial of service vulnerability) and CVE-2018-0786 (Microsoft .NET Framework security feature bypass vulnerability).”


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      The Feb updates don’t have any new security patches, only non security.  Thus they are optional.  And confusing.

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      If you’re sick of all these .NET FW updating as a standalone add-on headache to windows updating mess you can try to install .NET FW 4.7.2 Preview as released my m$ in early Feb.


      It was installed by me on 3 PCs win7sp1x64 in early February as a replacement to v4.7.1 and so far I have nothing odd to report here.



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      I have a question regarding  MSDEF-CON,  is it okay for me to wait for updates until its MSDEF-CON 4 or 5?   (a.k.a skips updates until an update reaches 4 or 5)

      Last time in august i had a problema when MSDEF-CON updates were level 3.

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        The DEFCON number is just an indication of how safe it is to install the current month’s updates. #1 indicates many problems, do not install, #3 indicates go ahead and install but there may be problems with some updates, #5 (I’ve only seen it once) indicates that everything looks good.

        The number doesn’t keep going up. Last month’s updates had many problems. We had a DEFCON-3 and Woody published where the problems were so you could avoid the worst of them.

        That being said, you need to keep your computer updated for security reasons. Wait for a while after Patch Tuesday, find out where the problems are, then update when the DEFCON is 3-5 avoiding the problems that show up.

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          PKCano: I have two questions. They are a bit off topic, and I apologize for that, but this thread is the closest one I can find for them, at the moment. I hope you or someone else at Woody’s would be kind enough to clear them up for me:

          (1) Have there been serious complaints from people that installed last month’s security only update, KB4056897, and had problems because of that? (I am waiting until Tuesday to install it, if by them nothing serious against doing that has surfaced.)

          (2) Every time I login here, these days, I get an invitation to receive “notifications”. What is that all about?



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      We got an early documentation release for the upcoming February Preview Rollup for .NET

      so i guess we will have 3 .NET 4.7.1 updates in WU

      January Security Rollup (Important)
      February Quality Rollup (Optional, recommemded)
      February Preview Rollup (Optional)

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