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  • Anyone have any issues with iOS12?

    Posted on Bill C. Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Home Forums AskWoody support Other platforms – for Windows wonks iOS for Windows wonks Anyone have any issues with iOS12?

    This topic contains 12 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by  Rick Corbett 5 months, 3 weeks ago.

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      Bill C.
      AskWoody Plus

      I have updated my iPhone SE to iOS12. The only glitch I have found is in texting. When I use the voice text feature, it sometimes will not switch to the voice mode at the first touch of the microphone on the keyboard. I find I have to touch the text entry field and then the microphone.

      This happens more once when there is an existing thread, i.e., when making a reply. On a new message, it works as before. There is no difference in behavior for an iMessage or a non-Apple message. This is not a show stopper, but I wondered if anyone else had it.

      I have found the voice to text is more accurate, so I am still satisfied.

      As a relative iOS newbie, I have found that apart from the security fixes, one has to read the upgrade notes carefully as what may appears to be a new, interesting feature is often limited to only the newest iPhones. One or two that sounded interesting needed a new iPhone XS (as in “excess,” a good term for a $1000 phone). If they do release a rumored SE version, I ‘might’ be tempted, unless FaceID is mandatory.

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      I didn’t have any issue. I don’t use voice text though.

      I want to congratulate Apple for their IOS 12.

      I really like that Apple seems to have followed on their promise to do better than IOS 11 after the numerous issues they had with it. They said we will do better, less new features, more stability and performance. It appears that they delivered quite well, especially for a .0 release. They cleaned the settings a bit, it had become much more confusing with the two latest IOS releases.

      I like that they did the same Flash trick (using their power of numbers to change things for the better on the Internet) with disabling third party cookies, focusing on user privacy. They made their old phones significantly faster, cleaning the code mess that IOS 11 (and 10 too) was. They just showed people that they are a brand to trust or at least they did a good effort to show it. If they wanted to position themselves as a real alternative to Microsoft and Google in terms of privacy and stability/aggressive marketing free devices, that makes me just want to buy a Mac more than before (except for their insane latest pricing).

      Google Maps on Carplay is such a welcome addition.

      One thing I don’t like is the way battery activity is reported. A lot of things are great there, but I don’t see like before how much time my phone was on screen and off screen since the last charge. So when the system drains battery, I find it harder to see than when you saw you only have 35% and you used your phone for 1h45, you had no background app allowed, most services were turned off and then you realize something is wrong. I also don’t like the fact that the bluetooth icon isn’t shown no more in the status bar (why? to save battery?).


      My disappointment is with the phones. I don’t like them. We will have to update this spring and I would say I think I prefer the Iphone 8 Plus to the newer phones. Having only FaceID and no TouchID is not great. The new format doesn’t seem very useful. It uses more power in terms of pixels, but the additional pixels are at places where they aren’t that useful. The Xs Max is as big as an Iphone 8 Plus, but no space on the sides for your fingers and just longer in portrait mode. The 8 Plus had the perfect Full HD ratio and resolution. The newer one has a weird ratio and resolution that doesn’t scale perfectly to 1080p and doesn’t seem to bring much value. I don’t like that they removed the headphone jack after the 6s.

      Also, the Xr is not as large as the 8 Plus, so less useful again, weird ratio too. Not sure it is that much better as a screen size/bulk compromise than an Xs or an 8 then. It might be the best compromise on size/viewable screen to some, although I am really not sure about the usefulness of all the pixels on this ratio vs the larger (in portrait mode) 8 Plus that doesn’t feel to me that bulky. The Xr has the best battery of all Iphones, though, which can be great for some. Maybe easier to type on than an 8/Xs? All good for the road warrior, but again I would use an 8 Plus or Xs Max as a road warrior.

      3D touch is going away, it is not working. It makes the phones more expensive and bulky. I thought it would be a great idea. It didn’t take long for me to realize it is not and I disabled it on my 6s Plus quite fast as it was annoying, popping at the wrong time. Just get rid of it now Apple instead of continuing to install it only on some phones, but not all and not on the Ipad. It won’t work, I tell you, just like I predicted for that awful Touch Bar on the laptops that is a really bad cool idea when you replace physical keys for that.

      There are some pluses. The cameras improvements are always welcome for me. I think the new Xs has a dual lens camera too now with dual optical stabilization (the 8 didn’t but the 8 Plus did). OLED on Xs and Xs Max is nice in theory, but I don’t know how much it is worth it in practice. I am looking forward to the reduced blue light OLEDs, better for your eyes. Battery improvements are always welcome.

      The big downside is the price. This is beyond ridiculous. I guess people are ready to spend that much more than some cheap computer because this device is more important to them than their computer. I guess it makes sense to some who uses it a lot, which many do. It is their most important piece of electronic equipment.

      Some said the Iphone X was just of window to the future, a statement to demonstrate Apple is still innovating, what the future will be, while people would buy the 8 which was an achieved refined product. But you know what happened? The most sold phone was the X. And the 8 was not preferred to the less expensive 7. So what did Apple do? If you are going to buy it, we are going to give you fancy, at a fancy price. To me, that is exactly the opposite of what has happened with the Ipad. Nobody was buying the pricey Ipads, so Apple got a 329$ but still great Ipad, like the SE was a fast, great and relatively affordable phone. Think about it: this 329$ Ipad would be worth less than a small Iphone 8, 8 Plus, X, Xs, Xs Max or Xr?

      To me, the new Iphones are too expensive for unfinished products. I don’t mind no home button if you can still have touch id. Why not use the no bezel design to make a smaller, lighter phone too for those who liked the SE? Maybe these new phones work better than I think, I must say I never tried one. But it is sad Apple didn’t announce some equivalent to the SE that was the best value they ever offered (although for me the format is way too small). The Xr doesn’t fit that bill at all. It is still expensive and to me it doesn’t beat the Plus in terms of usefulness of the screen. So, only if people buy older phones instead of the latest models might Apple realize they made a mistake and consider selling a more reasonably priced update to the 8 series. But maybe they didn’t make a mistake and that is what people want. Who knows? I might just be weird and not like everyone else. I was very surprised about the success of the X. Do people really like the X that much or are they a tiny bit disappointed after they bought? Sales doesn’t always tell the whole story, but I don’t know.

      In any case, I think I would recommend people to buy the 8 or 8 Plus over the latest models and change sooner with the money saved if Apple do better in a few years. Even the 7 series are great, but I think the improvements the 8 series brought might be worth the price difference if you have to buy.

      However, when you already have a phone, maybe it is better to hold on to it longer. I just feel that since we have to change at work, the difference between my 6s Plus and the 8 Plus won’t feel that important and we will have to throw some still good phones away too soon (except for the batteries that are not good enough for many salesmen after three years).



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        Reading more about the Iphones I realized I made a statement here that I felt needed to be corrected. I thought the Plus versions were 1080p and was puzzled as to why I would switch from a perfect 1080p screen without scaling to a weird resolution.

        There was something I didn’t know and that is quite interesting. In fact, the Plus model has an internal resolution that is not 1080p. It is a bit higher (1242) than that at the software level, to be at a 3x scale in fact vs the software point (a point is then made of a matrix of 3×3ย  pixels). Since I am not an Iphone developer, I never knew about this. This seems to mean that a 1080p video will get upscaled to 1242 then downscaled to the physical screen at 1080 again, which might introduce artifacts. In any case, all of this is quite theoretical and I don’t know then that it might make such a difference to have the Plus vs an Xs Max or a Xr then for this scenario.

        What is interesting from this is that a Plus doesn’t show more information in the same proportion as its increase in size vs the regular model. The scaling implies everything is bigger by about 6% on the Plus. This can be interesting in terms of readability for some.

        However, it also means that the Xr is really a smaller Plus phone. It has the same information, but displayed at a size smaller than the Plus, in fact as the same size as the regular size Iphones. So it is a small Plus in terms of content, at a 2x resolution (although its weight and thickness doesn’t make it that small). The Xs Max have the same content, but at a 3x resolution since it is 458ppi instead of 326ppi like the Xr. So now there is no scaling back trick for the Xs Max like there was on the Plus. The Xs Max has the same physical dimensions as the Plus, but with no downscaling from the theoretical software resolution to the physical screen. Phheew.

        I’m no expert on this so I hope I am not wrong, but at least if this can help some interested people dig more about it instead of taking the resolutions at face value like I did, I think it will have been helpful. Who would have thought that 1080p didn’t mean 1080p across the whole chain from streaming to physical display? You can never be sure of anything these days.

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      Rick Corbett

      I’ve been very pleased with iOS 12 so far, with one single exception. Performance and screen response is much better on my fairly old devices and battery life even shows a slight improvement for me.

      The sole exception – and here I agree wholeheartedly with AlexEiffel – is the inexplicable removal of the Bluetooth icon from the system menubar.

      With fat fingers and a small screen, rather than fumble my way through Settings > Bluetooth to toggle it, since iOS 11 I’ve become used to turning it on and off using Siri after a quick glance at the screen.

      It’s just so quick and convenient, especially when getting in the car and wanting to turn ‘hands free’ on. With iOS 12 I’m already tired of Siri’s admonishment “Bluetooth is already on!”. Makes me seem stupid that I cannot remember its state… yet I think “why should I have to remember the state”? Shades of ‘man serving the machine’…

      (On a side note, if you use Microsoft Solitaire Collection to while away a few spare moments, beware of the latest update to v4.2 which now *shovels* really long videos of game previews at you between card games. And whoever heard of a simple card game that needs an always-on internet connection to play, even if you’re not signed in? So annoying… but so typically Microsoft these days.)

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      AskWoody Lounger

      7+ here.
      No issues with iOS 12, can’t really say I remember having any issues with iOS 11 either though.

      Ended up switching to iPhone about a year ago after getting tired of having to constantly upgrade Android phones to get newer versions of the OS. It’s nice to see a company, especially the likes of Apple, continue to support old phones with their OS updates. The Samsungs we came from usually had 1 year of updates, 2 if you were lucky. Apple seems like they support phones a good 3 years old. My only gripe is I wish their walled garden had other doorways but then I guess it would sacrifice the stability. IOW, you have flagship-like, budget-priced phones like the Xiaomi M1 A1 for Android, but really nothing similar on iPhone unless you want a tiny phone (the SE).

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      Rick Corbett

      Apple seems like they support phones a good 3 years old.

      iOS 12 can be installed on the 5-year-old iPhone 5s.

      Hope this helps…

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        AskWoody Lounger

        My older daughter has a 5s that we bought for her about 2 years ago, but I had no idea it was THAT old. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Bill C.
      AskWoody Plus

      Thanks all. I have found the iMessaging is getting better (or am I learning??? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      I did find one thing that I really miss. In iOS 11, the compass had an alternate screen that was a level and the lower part of the screen would turn green when it was level. That “appears” to be gone, ior I have not found it. I did not use it routinely, but it was great for hanging photos and leveling tables, etc.

      I do find 12 is snappier onj my iPhone SE. I did not notice the Bluetooth icon issue. I never have BT on unless I am driving. I then turn it off in settings (sorry Apple, I decide when to connect).

      I am satisfied. Another effortless version upgrade on the SE and the iPad Pro.

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      Rick Corbett

      I did find one thing that I really miss. In iOS 11, the compass had an alternate screen that was a level and the lower part of the screen would turn green when it was level. That โ€œappearsโ€ to be gone, ior I have not found it. I did not use it routinely, but it was great for hanging photos and leveling tables, etc.

      The spirit level appears to have been integrated into the compass itself. Alas, no colour change to indicate ‘flat’… just a grey circle with crosshair on the black background It’s still useable, just less visible. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        Bill C.
        AskWoody Plus

        After I looked closely and saw the cross hair I thought than might be the case. The bad part is that now the phone has to be flat. Good for a table top, but bad for hanging a picture frame.

        The old version was so simple, this is not as intuitive.

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          Bill C.
          AskWoody Plus

          I have found the old Spirit Level. It is now in the Measure App. It is the same as before.

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      Nathan Parker

      iOS 12 ran well on my SE, better than iOS 11. It also runs well on my iPad Pro (better than iOS 11 as well). I now have the XS, and it runs great on there as well.

      iOS 12 overall has been a solid release.

      Nathan Parker

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      Rick Corbett

      I have generally much older iOS (and macOS) kit than Nathan. My iPad Mini 3 under iOS 11 was getting slower and slower so I was quite pleased when a backup/wipe/clean update to iOS 12.1 (followed by a restore of settings) made it much faster then before. 12.1.1 was fine but 12.1.3 re-introduced some of the sluggishness. 12.1.4 has been slightly better but I still find myself occasionally waiting for typing to catch up if I have other apps running as well. I use it almost every day, mainly for epub/mobi reading and carry out a full power off cycle about once a month. I like the form factor so much that I’m hoping there’ll be a refresh of the Mini range.

      I also have an iPad (6th Gen) which came with 12.1 and has performed flawlessly through each update. Apart from the updating I’ve never switched it off… it’s just been rock solid… but doesn’t fit in my cargo pants like the Mini.

      My iPhone 6 is also showing its age but performance improved after moving from iOS 11 to 12. Again, it’s proved very reliable… except I noticed an occasional lack of swipe responsiveness (and twice it hung completely) with iOS 12.1.3. 12.1.4 appears to have cleared this issue so far (it’s only been about a fortnight.)

      All-in-all I’ve had no major issues with iOS 12 (just a couple of minor ones associated with the age of my devices) and performance-wise it’s been a significant improvement over iOS 11. Perhaps I’m just fortunate but I haven’t encountered any of the reported issues (wifi, battery, etc) that others have experienced. Perhaps it’s because I don’t use iCloud for backup (always local) nor do I update OTA, always via iTunes so the download/unpacking of each update is carried out on my Windows PC first before being squirted over USB to the device. Oh, and I always clean install rather than in-place update unless it’s a small minor update like 12.1.4.

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