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    I have a backup but can’t restore. It only gives me a choice to restore from source Disk0 to destination Disk0.

    I have a backup for two drives C: and E: . I can see the backups on the external USB disk. I don’t know why AOMEI Backupper won’t let me choose the image source to be the external USB drive. I choose the icon from the Home tab where it shows when the backups were made but doesn’t choose the external USB file when trying to restore.

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      Can Aomei see the external disk?
      Try another USB port.
      Try another machine.

      Do you have another boot USB?
      Can you see the external disk if you boot from that one?

      cheers, Paul

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        AOMEI can see the external disk. In fact, under Advanced, Locate Image has a way to map the different partitions to different drive letters (nice feature if I knew how to take advantage of it)

        Tried another USB 3 port, no difference.

        I restored another PC using AOMEI before, I don’t remember it being this difficult. Somewhere in backing up 2 drives, I must to done something to the backup configuration so I can’t choose the backup image.

        If I could find some command line to do a C: drive restore, it would be good too. I don’t see that yet, will have to keep looking.

        I have a Macrium Reflect Backup too.

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      Can you post a screenshot of the issue?

      cheers, Paul

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        I problem is, it tries to restore from C: to C: . It does not let me choose the backup image from the external USB drive.

        I am looking to try out the Macrium Reflect Backup to see if it is any better.

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      Those shots don’t show us the number of disks Aomei sees. Try the Clone option, or Tools.

      cheers, Paul

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        Under Tools, View Logs you can see the a backups. It is a partition full backup. I am guessing this is not a disk backup so can’t do a full restore.

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      Select “Restore” and “Select Image File”.
      Browse to the USB disk and select the image file.

      Can you now restore to C?

      cheers, Paul

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      Here is why I think there is a problem. This a partition backup, not a disk backup. It was not intentional to make the partition backup but it may explain why the partition restore is available but not the disk restore.

      I guess we are all learning as we try this out. I am going to think this through, before I decide on my next step.

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      Yes, you can only restore a partition as a partition. If you made a disk backup you could select a partition from the backup to restore.

      cheers, Paul

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      I think I saw somewhere Macrium Reflect is not going to be updated going forward, hence my reason to try out AOMEI Backupper.

      They stopped offering a free version of Macrium Reflect going forward. But, if you have a paid version, it is still being updated. My last update was v8.1.7847 – 30th January 2024. Can you provide a citation if you have it? I see nothing on their website or their support forum regarding this.

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        That is probably it,

        They stopped offering a free version of Macrium Reflect going forward.

        I think more than one person said it on these forums.

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      I just went to the Macrium.com site and their prices have SHOT UP pretty high! The current sale price for the perpetual license for 4 computers is $240 (reg $320) with minor updates to this version only. I paid the sale price of $74.34 on 05/28/22 for the same current version 8! That’s a big increase!

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