Im trying to append from one Access DB to another DB. If the target DB has a Pass word set the query Im trying to create wont work. When I get it all done and run it, it says No database in in clause or sum such. If I unset the PW on the target DB and then create the query it will work.
    If I then set a pass word in the target DB, when I run the query it only asks for the date parameter I have set. It will not ask for the PW. However if I open the query in design view, it asks for the password. It opens in design view and if I try to run it from there it will not ask for the PW. This is the query that works without the PW in target DB.
    INSERT INTO CoilIn ( ItemNo, Weight, Rec, Mill, [PO#], LocNo ) IN ‘Amerimax1.mdb’
    SELECT tblMatics.PartNo, tblMatics.Weight, tblMatics.Date, tblMatics.Anaheim, tblMatics.PoNumber, IIf([Anaheim]=”A”,”A” & [Lot#],[Lot#]) AS Expr1
    FROM tblMatics
    WHERE (((tblMatics.Date)=[typr Date]));
    Can anybody tell me where to put a PW in it ?
    Access just wont create a working append query if I have a PW set. Any help will be appreciated.
    For example, please use password “cary”
    Thanks Cary

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