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  • Apple: More active devices than Microsoft

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      Da Boss

      You can dot some “i”s and cross some “t”s but Apple just ate Microsoft’s lunch. Chances are good, if you follow such things, that you know Apple had a
      [See the full post at: Apple: More active devices than Microsoft]

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      AskWoody Plus

      As far as I know, Microsoft has never claimed more than 1.5 billion monthly active devices – and it’s highly debatable whether the real number these days (however it may be defined) is anywhere close to 1.5 billion.

      SatNad is focused on the 50 billion:

      “The way I look at it is Windows is the billion user install base of ours. We continue to add a couple of hundred million PCs every year, and we want to serve that in a super good way,” Nadella said. “The thing that we also want to think about is the broader context. We don’t want to be defined by just what we achieved. We look at if there’s going to be 50 billion endpoints. Windows with its billion is good, Android with its 2 billion is good, iOS with its billion is good — but there is 46 billion more. So let’s go and look at what that 46 billion plus 4 [billion] looks like, and define a strategy for that, and then have everything have a place under the sun.”

      Satya Nadella lays out case for Microsoft’s intense focus on the cloud

      “We are absolutely, no question, allocating a lot to what is that next big thing,” explained Nadella last week. “But at the same time, we’re also not saying that’s our way back to saying all of iOS, all of Android, and all of Windows will suddenly be subsumed by this one thing. If anything, what people have come to realize is that Windows is there with a billion users, iOS is there with a billion users, and Android is there with 2 billion users. It’s not like one killed the other.”

      Microsoft’s CEO looks to a future beyond Windows, iOS, and Android

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        Da Boss

        Soooo… Windows as an Endpoint?

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          rc primak

          Actually, I read those quotes, and I think of Azure Cloud Services.  The future of profitability is not in devices, but in subscriptions.

          -- rc primak

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        It’s still not a billion Windows 10 PC/Laptop/Other devices and most folks on 7, less amounts on 8.1, are not really as included in that full on 10 OS/Ecosystem/Services market monetization segment.

        Remember that all of Apple’s 1.5 billion devices are very much included in that more polished Apple OS/Ecosystem and services business model whereas MS tried and failed to GWX as many 7 and 8.1 users into its no so polished Windows 10 OS/Ecosystem and services business model.

        MS’s Windows 7 users are more than likely not going to go for Apple’s solution as well but that’s because those remaining 7, even 8.1, users are not wanting anything to do with any cloud/OS/Ecosystem as a service business model represented by 10/others. It’s just a matter of how many will go with some Linux OS options or just give in and go all in with that closed model of services and monthly billing cycles.

        Apple has such a polished OS/Software/services ecosystem simply because that’s been that way for all of Apple’s offerings for many years whereas MS only started in that direction with Windows 8/8.1 and is still in the process with Windows 10. And if going closed is the final decision for any of MS’s 7/8/8.1 customers then Apple sure has less bothersome OS issues compared to MS and Windows 10.

        Let’s revisit this in 2023 when there will only be Windows 10 for any MS customers and both 7 and 8.1 are EOL with no other MS option afterwards.


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      AskWoody MVP

      Since Microsoft whiffed so badly on phones that they abandoned the market, these numbers are more like apples and oranges.

      How many PC’s are running Android (#1) to get in-the-trenches work done?  Can be operated on a daily basis using iPhones?

      Indeed, cell phones have become ubiquitous globally, but how much actual work gets done (other than business to client to business calls) on cell phones?

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        AskWoody Plus

        Agreed that the statistics are comparing Apples to oranges (Micro$oft). However, I don’t see an active Monthly count, according to Apple. I do see over 1.5 billion active devices for Apple v. 1 billion installations of Windows (probably counting Win10 & Win8.1; maybe Win7 on ESD & older versions remaining?) for M$. Apple wants to count devices actively using similar OS’s for different hardware platforms (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS). M$ wants to count PC’s using different versions of a similar OS (Windows). “There are lies, d*** lies, and statistics.”

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          AskWoody Plus

          You’re right. Apple didn’t say monthly active devices.

          I wonder why Woody slipped that in?

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        rc primak

        I was going to post tongue-in-cheek, “If only Microsoft made phones…”

        -- rc primak

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      Microsoft has been successful at shifting from selling software to renting software as a service.  Office 365, corporate Windows licensing, and other corporate cloud software.  They also are doing well in cloud services, and embracing Linux as a guest OS.  Some people trust their motives and privacy policies more than Amazon.  Because of preference for dual-sourcing (having two suppliers compete, preferred for military and government purchases) someone other than Amazon will be a strong cloud provider and Microsoft is doing what it needs to to have a chance at these contracts.

      Microsoft gave up on phone.  Surface seems to be seen as a large laptop alternative and not as a kid friendly, purse-sized device.  Surface Neo and Duo are interesting ideas, but even if they succeed, selling hardware isn’t that exciting, especially if the apps are android apps.  The profits are in the 30% of media app store purchases, but Microsoft app stores have not succeeded.  Failure in phones and app stores really hurts, locking you out of a lot of the easy money.

      Microsoft is well positioned for the back-end part of the cloud.  But ideally they want to sell some of these 50 billion endpoints and the media for them, not just provide the cloud behind.  Smart speakers, thermostats, assistants like Cortana, doorbell and other security cameras – all the internet of things “things” – Microsoft seems to have not succeeded with and lost the first mover advantage in.  How can that be?  Microsoft has been mentioning smart home and doing demos since the 1990’s.  They have been mentioning IoT at trade shows for years.  How could Amazon, Apple and Google have beaten them?

      I guess the most interesting question is can Microsoft yet succeed with IoT hardware.  Are they even really trying?  If you search for “Cortana speaker” you get another failure story that I wasn’t even aware of until just now.

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      I am in the process of letting go of my android tablet, and a laptop, with my desktop, to start using Apple only. I am tired of Microsoft not listening to there customers.

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        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP

        Android tablet has what to do with Microsoft?
        And what will the cost be – for those of us living on a budget?

        cheers, Paul

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      AskWoody Plus

      It is 10+ years now that Apple is beating Microsoft to the money.

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      AskWoody Plus

      The comparison, as previous comments have made clear, is one of Apples and oranges. But why? Well, after following on and off, over the years, this rather dull business story, I have noticed a pattern: Apple produces OK hardware and OK software. MS has been good with software (or, at least, passable) and crafty at positioning itself ahead of the competition (some may say) by hook or by crook, but failed repeatedly to become a successful maker of hardware.

      So now Nadella is taking MS all-out up to the “Cloud.” Why? Again, in my opinion, because becoming an alternative to “Amazon” positions the company to compete for government contracts with a good chance of success and, (b) because he has great faith in the coming of the much announced but slowly arriving, not quite here yet, Internet of Things. Supposedly, this shows vision. Or, at least, short-term vision. Well, good luck with that! (And with getting a nuclear fusion reactor in every power station, a quantum computer in every server and desktop, sentient AIs capable of taking care of all our problems for us, flying cars, jet-packs, self-driving cars and much more we have been promised by the Edisons, Teslas and even the Gates and Jobs, of our times and of which the Nadellas of this world are so eager to prepare for, so it must be all true.)

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