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    💻 macOS Ventura 13 – 112 bugs fixed 📱 iOS and iPadOS 16.1 – 20 bugs fixed ⌚ watchOS 9.1 – 10 bugs fixed 📺 tvOS 16.1 – 9 bugs fixed 🌐 Safari 16.1 – 4 b
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Also updates for:

      macOS Monterey 12.6.1 Security content (CVE-2022-42825, CVE-2022-28739, and CVE-2022-32862)
      HomePod software 16.1

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      I think the usual AskWoody caveat applies to OS Ventura, is that don’t rush out to install it right away, I trialled a Beta version a few weeks back and was less than impressed. There are, naturally, a few rough edges, its a Beta after all;

      What struck me is that the new System Preferences\Control Panel (Windows users) is now System Settings and although has a clean iPad interface (Makeover) to my mind seems to have had an attack of the Windows 11’s i.e. everything tucked away in all sorts of new “Nooks and Crannies” looks neat but why? Is this a new trend by Micro$oft and Apple?

      It seems, certainly in the Beta I trialled, that the ability to open Prog’s Apps then hide or minimise on Start up\Log on has gone or is hidden. Pity really, a feature I seem to use for  Outlook mail  and one or two uses rather than go and open manually

      The other features seem fine but nothing to “write home about” Stage Manager seems to show some promise, but if you like a “clutter free” Desktop its probably not for you although if you have several things on the go then you’ll appreciate it.

      Those of us that have have “Out of date” Machines and the last of the Current Intels there will be no doubt some features missing that are only available to the Apple Silicon Machines and for those older than here.

      The folks at OCLP are working away at a patch to allow Ventura on unsupported Macs.

      Although due to removal of older and\or redundant Drivers the progress is slow as they have to source backward compatible Drivers and the last advice I have heard is to avoid installing just yet on an unsupported Mac.

      More later on the latest brace of Patches for Big Sur or Monterey inc Safari if anything untoward happens.

      Bootcamp users may wish to hold off Win11 22H2 as the bootcamp drivers bundle does not seem to install, older versions of Win11 are ok (some may find that updating Win11, pre 22H2, 1st then installing Bootcamp drivers works) “Magic keyboard” and or “Magic Mouse” users may lose functionality under Win11 but conventional USB wireless and regular connections work fine.

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      I”m on IOS 15.7  (IPhone 13 Pro)   and it says I am update , but 16.0 is available. Do I need to stay with 15.7 for now?  Thanks

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      Went to the physical Apple store to upgrade to a new phone because I think the iPhone and iPad OS support is dropping on the older hardware. The physical Apple store employee told me security updates will still be available for older hardware that only runs on 15.7 . It could be, I was told this because they don’t currently have the phone I was looking for (availability is online, for delivery in about 2 weeks) whereas Apple Sales on the phone, said to go to the physical store.

      Apples Sales on the phone told me I should upgrade and told me about some small (~$10) corporate discounts.

      Can anyone point me to any articles that say security updates will continue to be available for 15.7 for older hardware?

      I’ll continue using the phone if Apple is going to continue supporting the older hardware.

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      SE – First generation

      I can see iOS 16 is available on newer hardware.

      What is your opinion on what Apple is going to do support-wise for older hardware on iOS 15.7?

      Who is likely right, the Apple Sales person on the phone or the physical Apple store employee?

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      I am using an old iPhone XR, an iPhone SE 2, and an iPad Air 4, and I am certainly not going to upgrade any of them to iOS / iPadOS 16.x any time soon. All three devices are on iOS 15.7 (iPadOS 15.7 in case of the Air), and I was planning to upgrade to iOS / iPadOS 15.7.1 once I am satisfied there are no major bugs. I suppose Apple was planning to release iOS 15.7.1 as well but apparently Apple pulled the 15.7.1 update due to Face ID being broken on some iPhones by the RC version of 15.7.1.

      I am probably not going to consider iOS / iPadOS 16.x until at least a few more updates later (16.2.x or 16.3.x or even later). As far as I can determine 16.x is still beset by problems that I would rather avoid. I am staying on 15.x for a bit longer.

      Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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      Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

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      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      AVOID for now. I haven’t had many problems on my iPhone XR or Apple Watch Series 5 with doing Apple updates as soon as available. BUT this update is VERY BUGGY.

      The watch keeps telling me it has UNLOCKED the phone which is absurd because the phone is in my hand and unlocked when the watch says this. (Plus, I usually use the phone to unlock the watch not the watch unlocking a phone as I don’t wear the watch all the time at home).

      The watch also gives me a too high noise alert when the noise is small and for only a second or two.

      The watch frequently says I have fallen when I haven’t and hadn’t stumbled or anything. Plus, it doesn’t wait long enough before it starts calling 911!

      Maybe I need to re pair them or something. It appears the watch is now overly sensitive. This happens at home. I will be curious to see if the problems continue when I leave the house for the first time after the updates.

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      AVOID for now. I haven’t had many problems on my iPhone XR or Apple Watch Series 5 with doing Apple updates as soon as available. BUT this update is VERY BUGGY.

      Zero bugs for me running beta versions (iPhone 12/14, iPad 10.5, watch 7) for months.

      You can unpair the watch which will automatically create a backup to iCloud.
      Reset the watch
      Pair and restore from backup.

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      Ventura not worth it unless you want a certain new feature. I found it especially sluggish on my 2018 Mac Mini I use and will be going back to Monterey. As for iPhone and IOS 16.1 its fine but I don’t like IOS 16 in general especially changes Notifications on lock screen to make room for Widgets. On the Windows side nothing much improved anywhere on Win 10 or 11. Honestly, whatever is stable for you stick with that. I mostly stick with 10 for now simply because it’s not getting anything but security updates for the most part. Less chance for Microsoft to muck up something. Lord knows they manage to do that enough as it is.

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      AKB2000014 has been updated 10/27/2022 for updates to:

      iOS 15.7.1
      IPadOS 15.7.1

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