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    Using Apple Watch Screen Mirroring, you can control your Apple Watch via your iPhone to more easily access menu items and controls.

    watchOS 9.

    Sometimes, the Apple Watch screen is just too small. And while most of us wouldn’t want a bigger watch on our wrists to fix that problem, it might be nice to be able to more easily maneuver the screen from time to time. That’s why I’m loving the Apple Watch Mirroring feature on your iPhone. It allows you to navigate your Apple Watch from your iPhone, making certain hard-to-read-menu items and hard-to-press buttons a lot easier to read and press.

    Open the Settings app on the iPhone
    Scroll down and tap Accessibility
    Tap Apple Watch Mirroring and enable it on the next screen

    Now, you can control your Apple Watch by tapping on the image like you would the Apple watch. You can also press the crown and side button, as well as drag your finger up and down over the crown to scroll.

    Tap the “x” in the corner to close Apple Watch Mirroring…

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      That setting is not on my iPhone XR with iOS 16.0.2.

      I no longer read any of the sites that talk about iPhone or Apple watch as they are mostly completely irresponsible in their writings. The author, nowhere in the article, mentions WHICH iPhones this setting is available on. The authors sound like spoiled brats to whom it has never occured that some iPhone owners, for a variety of reasons, might not have the very latest iteration of iPhone. Or maybe their ignorance is even worse in that they don’t realize that different versions of iPhone do not have the same settings.

      Besides, why do they think iPhone users are so EXTREMELY IGNORANT regarding their phones? When I read your post I knew that my iPhone did not have such a setting. I would be a very remiss user if I did not know what settings are on my phone.

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      That setting is not on my iPhone XR with iOS 16.0.2.

      As I pointed you need iOS 16 and watchOS 9. Its time to update your watchOS.

      * My Apple watch 7 with watchOS 9 and iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.

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        I’ve had Apple watchOS 9 since it came out. I have Watch Series 5. I see you have Series 7…maybe that is why you have but I don’t have that setting? Yep. The feature starts with Series 6. The watch is not even three years old…geez…and I used to get so pi**ed at Dell for (even from Small Business division) not supporting 5 years of next day in house warranty repair for desktops (they are supporting it again currently but were not when I purchased my XPS 8930) and an extended warranty… yet Apple is worse.

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      and I used to get so pi**ed at Dell

      What has Apple watch to do will Dell PCs ?
      I have a 4 years old Lenovo. Support ended after 3 years.
      No BIOS updates, No drivers updates. The battery in my laptop died, no replacement available (will need to search online).

      Apple watch mirroring use AirPlay 2 which probably your watch 5 doesn’t have the proper hardware.
      New hardware adds new features.

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