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    Ugh. Apple’s new design for icloud.com works fine on Edge and Brave on Windows 10 Pro. It does NOT display on my default browser Portable Firefox 102.5.0 ESR which is the latest version that I just updated Fx to. I hadn’t been to icloud.com in awhile so I don’t know if the site was working properly on Portable Fx 102.4.0 ESR or not.

    On Fx, icloud.com displays as a blank page with a small square box. The box is empty except for the words “click to play”. If I click the words, the box disappears then reappears withOUT any words…just a blank square box.

    I have NO problems loading apple.com on this browser and I made sure that CookieBlock extension is set to allow Apple cookies. Cookies are set on apple.com However, they are NOT being set on icloud.com even though I told CookieBlock to allow them! So, maybe CookieBlock isn’t working right at this one site. I’ve had CookieBlock extension for a long time with no problems at any sites until now. Fx says I have visited icloud.com 26 times and cookies were set and I was using CookieBlock during these visits. So what has changed now? New version of Fx ESR…is it the culprit?

    Anyone here with Fx ESR that also has this problem? How about regular Fx current version? Does the site display correctly? Anyone with Portable Fx? How is the display on it? Anyone here with CookieBlock extension? If it is the problem then I still don’t know if it is this latest version of Fx ESR causing the problem. Too many variables here!

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      New iCloud.com displays fine with FF 102.5 esr portable

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      It displays fine for me too, using the current regular Firefox version (107.0).

      May I suggest temporarily disabling CookieBlock and seeing what happens? You could try loading icloud.com in a private window, once CookieBlock is disabled, if you don’t want cookies to even be temporarily stored in the main location. If it works then you know it’s a CookieBlock issues, but if it still doesn’t work then I suggest you try Help -> Troubleshoot Mode to rule out issues with other extensions and settings.

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