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    A couple of years ago I used Group Policy Editor to set up my new computers to not install any preview updates. For the last x months I keep getting preview updates for .NET. Any reason to fear these updates will screw up my systems? I read the parts of the topic https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/ms-defcon-4-install-the-august-updates-but-avoid-the-optional-and-non-security-patches/ that talked about this issue. But it’s not clear if Update Preview .NET has caused/will cause issues. I haven’t had an issue yet. I would hope to not have to take additional steps each time I do an update because I’m just trying to get work done. I hope to not get stuck in tech hell again like I did several years ago where I seemed to spend more time stabilizing my systems than getting work done. My updates have gone smoothly the last couple of years with the Group Policy Editor settings recommended by this site and using Windows update when I’m ready to install updates.

    FWIW, I’m running Windows 10 Pro 1909 on my most used system that runs a variety of new and old video and audio editing, Office, and utility software with a lot of internet access. Another system is running Win10 Pro 2004 that uses mostly new financial software that is disconnected from the internet except when accessing financial institutions. A couple of other Win10 Pro systems are running 2004 and are for general purpose use.


    Sorry if part of this post seems like whining. Windows has actually been the most stable software I’ve used the last couple of years. Most of my recent frustration comes from other software where I spend an inordinate amount of time running into and reporting bugs. I feel like a beta tester at best and sometimes feel like an alpha tester on both low and very high-end software.

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      Previews can fix a previous .NET issued in week B if there are issues recognised by MSFT.
      They also introduce newer functionality in preparation for the next months .NET. The same applies for CU previews.
      These previews usually occur in week C of the month.(this week) and are best avoided by using either wushowhide or WUMgr for 1909 or earlier.
      FYI: Within 2004 onwards, there’s a GP setting to avoid seeing them completely under the WUfB section.

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        Thanks for that tip about the Group Policy setting.

        For anyone else interested in this, WUfB is located at Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update -> Windows Update for Business.

        Counter-intuitively, it seems that it needs to be set to Enabled and a sub-setting then set to Disable preview builds for it to work.

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          See AKB2000016 Guied for Windows Update Settings for Win10.
          The setting are explained and there are screenshots showing where they are.

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            That is a fantastic guide and I applied it last year when I installed W10.

            I note that you don’t mention the Manage preview bulds setting that Microfix just mentioned though. Do you not recommend it?

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              My interpretation of the “Manage Preview Builds” is, it deals with the Insider Program Preview Builds.

              What I think keeps away the non-Security “C,” “D,” etc CU Previews is the selection of “Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received,” setting it to 0 or 1, and selecting  “Semi-Annusl Channel” in the top pulldown.

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      In the Win7 days I would wince in regards to .net updates, now they are well behaved. The .net updates aren’t “gated” like the Windows 10 updates when it comes to optional updates. If you catch them, it’s okay.

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      Everyone, thank you! I didn’t know if anyone would bother with this.

      Again, thanks,

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