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    Hi–I am a minimalist when it comes to Windows updates for my Win7 64bit machine. So far have never had a problem, knock on wood. Haven’t done any updates since end of May. Ran Belarc Advisor for first time in many months and it said I needed 4 critical updates:

    KB4022722,  KB4025337, KB4034679, and KB4034733.

    Given the treacherous landscape of Windows updates these days, I don’t plan to do anything until I hear from the wise minds over here.

    Thank you! hjf

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      KB4022722 and KB4025337 are the June and July Security Only Quality Updates for Win7. These patches are critical for security reasons.

      KB4034679 is the August Security Only Update, and KB4034733 is the Cumulative Update for IE11. Both are critical for security reasons. However, there may be problems with these patches that haven’t been recognized yet, so it is recommended you wait until Woody raises the DEFCON number to 3 or above before installing them. When Woody gives the go-ahead, you will need to install these updates.

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      Thank you for the prompt reply. To make sure I understand, are the June and July security only updates okay to install now? And the last two should await DEFCON 3 or above before installing?

      Thanks again. hjf


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      Great. Will do.

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      I went ahead and installed the June update KB4022722 with no problem. Then I went back to Microsoft for the July update. I noticed that several bugs are mentioned by Microsoft, 1 of which is a potential problem with Wordpad, which I use quite a bit. Microsoft mentioned that this would be remedied in a future update.
      My question is, weighing that there are some known problems with KB4025337, is it better to get this security update now rather than wait and see if the bugs get fixed?
      Thanks for any thoughts.

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        Yes, if you are using WordPad frequently I would hold off on the July patch and see if they have a fix in Aug or Sept. Microsoft……!

        FYI: to make the security-only and IE11 patch downloads easier, we have a direct link from the MS Update catalog in AKB2000003. I usually update it within a couple of hours of the patch Tues release – as soon as the information is available. there is also a comments topic here if you have questions.

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      Thanks for reply and for referral to AKB2000003.  I cross-checked with what is already installed on my machine.  Looks good for security but apparently I last updated IE11 in April 2016.  So I will go ahead and do the latest IE update, since the patches are cumulative. A couple of questions here, then I’ll register on AskWoody and used the comments section you mention. Malicious Software Removal Tool–good idea or bad idea? And just to make sure, by taking the suggested actions for Group B, will my updates for Windows Firewall continue? Thanks again. hjf

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      MSRT is up to you. I always go ahead and install it.

      I have one VM each of Win7 and Win8.1 that I run Group A updates on for reference. The rest of my Win VMs and my hardware installs of Win7 are Group B.

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      Thanks. I just joined both AskWoody and Group B.

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