• Are these Office Pro 2021 Offers from ZDNet for $49.99 Legit?

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    I’ve seen a couple offers from ZDNet and Stack Social for a Lifetime License to Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 for Windows or Mac for $49.99.

    I’ve heard of ZDNet before – they’ve been around forever (I subscribed to their PC Magazine print edition back in college in the early 1980’s) – but never heard of Stack Social.

    The offers seem too good to be true.  When I was still working we could buy a MS Office software for our personal PCs for $20 that could be downloaded and also get a thumb drive.  It was a deal my employer had with MS.

    Before I spend $50 on this I was curious if anyone on AW knew anything about these “deals”.  Thanks.




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      It seems sketchy to me. ZDNet (originally Ziff-Davis) has been around for years but who knows what it is today? I found this article on Tomshardware:


      I looked at Kinguin and found this:


      So I’d guess the keys will work. Many years ago I bought an Office 2010 key on ebay that has worked through a number of reinstalls. YMMV.

      I also found this on the Microsoft Community:


      Note that I have shopped at http://dealarious.com for years and they are an authorized reseller and everything is 100% legitimate. I buy my Bitdefender and Malwarebytes anti-virus there much cheaper. They have MS Office 2021 Pro (not plus) for $149.95

      I’d be interested to hear from others as to the experience.


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        @BrianB – Agreed.  I bought a 2013 version of Office through work for $20.  It came with multiple installs and has worked great for years, but I’ve been using LibreOffice & OpenOffice more and more because they include new features that Office 2013 doesn’t.

        Custom Build - Intel i5 9400 5 Core CPU & ASUS TUF Z390 Plus Motherboard
        Edition Windows 10 Home
        Version 22H2
        OS build 19045.3086

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      Best thing about Libre OO is that it doesn’t require an internet connection (it wants it but I block it), the program and the files you create are located and saved on your local machine, and in the past two years I have not seen a single security update needed.

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      Thanks for posting the link. I do occasionally check for updates and open the firewall when I do. But seems like the only updates I’ve seen are Version updates. Can’t recall seeing any security updates offered. So that’s a concern. I’ll wait a few weeks and give it a try again.

      "War is the remedy our enemies have chosen. And I say let us give them all they want" ----- William T. Sherman

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      FYI – there is a HUGE discussion on slickdeals.net


      I posted #98.

      HILARIOUS reading this thread.

      I don’t know about this website. I have purchased from keysworlds.com a number of times over several years for both Win10Pro & Office keys. Just received an email today offering Office 2021 Pro Plus for $36.75 – “58% off.”

      It shows at $87.50.
      ● 58% OFF Coupon: “KW2158” for Office Series
      After adding to cart and applying the code, the total comes to $36.75. I did not check out.

      At least for keysworlds.com, these are keys that came with computers that were never activated. I have bought both Win10Pro licenses as well as Office Pro Plus licenses. They are completely legit. I have NEVER had a key be denied, with one HUGE exception.

      FOR OFFICE: You can install it once on one computer. If you ever have to reinstall Windows, even on identical hardware, you can NOT install and activate the key the second time.
      FOR WINDOWS: Microsoft for WIn10 tied all licenses to the hardware. I have repeatedly reinstalled Win10Pro on same hardware and it ALWAYS activates. Repeatedly, because it is tied to the hardware. Different from Office.

      If they were NOT legit, Microsoft would shut down all these sites. They do not.

      Once installed, the license never expires. It is a perpetual license. Use it as long as your computer lasts and/or your copy of Windows runs without needing nuked, whichever is shorter (FOR OFFICE). The impact of this varies widely depending on your personal usage of computers.

      Microsoft has decided that for Office 365, features are added and updated all the time. In contrast, perpetual licenses get fewer feature updates but do get all security/bug patches.

      My logic is I can buy several copies at $37 over a 3 or 4 year period and come out far ahead of buying retail.

      I have never found anyone legit at a lower price than keysworlds.com.

      I have since purchased at HRKGame at
      I installed it, but never got the chance to do the phone activation.  The only option offered was over the internet, which worked the first time.
      Seems like if you do the phone activation, and write down the codes they give you in response, if you ever need to reinstall it after a fresh install of Windows, it will activate again if you use those same codes on the same computer.  Since I didn’t get offered phone activation, I doubt my $5 will allow me to install again after a fresh install of Windows.
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      EVERY SINGLE ONE of these offers is going through Stack Social.  I have never heard of them and I’ve been working with computers since the keypunch card days. Stack Social seems to have positive reviews from people, but for all I know they could be fake reviews – similar to some of the vendors on Amazon’s Marketplace.

      Has anyone ever heard of Stack Social before or know anything about them?   Are they legit?


      Custom Build - Intel i5 9400 5 Core CPU & ASUS TUF Z390 Plus Motherboard
      Edition Windows 10 Home
      Version 22H2
      OS build 19045.3086

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      I have purchased several times on Stack Social.  Most have been good.  In December I purchased a lifetime access to a language learning app as a gift for my daughter.  After using it for a week she hit a wall where it would not educate as much as it just quizzed her.  I asked the app for a refund.  They said go to Stack Social.  Stack said once you redeem the access you can not get a refund.  So you have to try it to know if it will work for you, and once you use it you can not get a refund if it doesn’t work.  I was not aware of any of these gotchas at purchase.

      Buyer beware on Stack Social.  They are not a scam site.  Some times you get taken even when you read the fine print.  For the Office purchase, probably ok but you likely won’t get any help or service from Stack if anything doesn’t go perfectly.  My 2 cents.

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      Buyer beware!  I purchased a copy of Office 2021 Professional from Stack Social (via Yahoo) for $49.95.  When I used the product code provided after paying, and followed their “Redeem Product” link, I ended up with Office 365, with a request for a subscription payment.  I deleted the newly downloaded software and tried again.  Same incorrect results.  I reported this problem to Stack Social.  They continue to tell me via e-mail to “try again”.   Three weeks later, I *still* don’t have a functional copy of Office 2021 Professional.  Worse yet, I was instructed by Stack Social Customer Support to fully delete my existing copy of Office 2010 Professional before installing the new software.  Stack Social (vendor for the MS Office product through Yahoo) is very slow in responding, and they continue to tell me to do the same steps that fail every time.  I now get a myriad of errors when attempting to download the software.  The latest errors tell me “This program has already been downloaded”, and I’m directed to a link for my “Microsoft Account”.  When I click on that link (mind you, this is AFTER I’m logged in), I get “We can’t find your account” errors, and I have no option to download it again.

      Do NOT purchase Office 2021 Professional from Yahoo or Stack Social.  It’s bait-and-switch!!


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      I know this comment is late to the party, but I thought I’d add it since the line is not closed.

      I bought two of these from ZD Net. In both cases, when trying to simply download MS Office (2021) I got the “Code already in use” message (and, of course, the mandatory offer to let me buy Office 365).

      Based on this, (1) I am an idiot (for thinking ZD-Net still was legitimate, and (2) for falling for actually even thinking that such an inexpensive offer may be valid.

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      Huh? Not by me! Leon is right: We are idiots to think you can get OFFICE MAC 2021 for a $30 holiday sale price. Dad you were right: You get what you pay for!


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