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    Here’s the behavior I’ve seen since Saturday: I’m running Win7 in a VM, with default settings (Auto Update is turned on), with all checked patches ins
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      We’re all chicken I guess. I’m too much of a tech-noob to dare do what you say. Sorry 🙁

      B.t.w. Maybe you should add

      If any of you are brave enough to run Win7 with Auto Update turned on AND NO GWX CONTROL PANEL, could you give that a try and see what happens for/to you?

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      Good idea. Change made.

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      “If any of you are brave enough to run Win7 with Auto Update turned on” The Horror! I’ll pass. 😉

      On a side note. On March 2nd I installed KB3138612 hoping it would reduce the ridiculously long time needed for Windows Update to find what is available for my computer. After installing 3138612 and rebooting it took 10-15 minutes for WU to finish the check. Whoop whoop! Out of curiosity I ran WU today to see what was available (not that I had any intention of installing anything). After 75 minutes with cpu usage at 50% it wasn’t finished. Luckily my laptop has a very good cooling system, stayed at 63°C. Anyway… Didn’t there used to be a cancel button or ‘someway’ to stop the update check without using the task manager and/or doing a reboot? Should I have not installed 3138612? SMH

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      Only way I know to stop a scan is by stopping the task.

      I wouldn’t get too worried about installing 3138612. At least you tried.

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      I can honestly say that I’ve never run Windows Update in Automatic mode. I’ve always done it manually, picking only what I want and unchecking what Woody warns us about. Even before I didn’t trust MS, I did it this way. I want to be the one in control of MY computer!

      Being 20 something in the 70's was much more fun than being 70 something in the 20's.
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      Well, I took the bait and I just started 2 VM: one off-Domain and the other one is. No WSUS and Windows Update with default options and set to automatic.

      We’ll see tomorrow…

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      Running one test VM Windows 7 Pro off domain with WU online set on auto.

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