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    The Microsoft BUILD conference is over and they will be adding AI to well…. everything.  As usual while Microsoft will be … well Microsoft. We’ll
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      I won’t use anything AI/chatGPT.. willingly.
      I see AI as fake as NFT, Blockchain, Metaverse, Bitcoin…

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        Here’s What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT

        A lawyer representing a man who sued an airline relied on artificial intelligence to help prepare a court filing. It did not go well.

        The lawsuit began like so many others: A man named Roberto Mata sued the airline Avianca, saying he was injured when a metal serving cart struck his knee during a flight to Kennedy International Airport in New York.

        When Avianca asked a Manhattan federal judge to toss out the case, Mr. Mata’s lawyers vehemently objected, submitting a 10-page brief that cited more than half a dozen relevant court decisions. There was Martinez v. Delta Air Lines, Zicherman v. Korean Air Lines and, of course, Varghese v. China Southern Airlines, with its learned discussion of federal law and “the tolling effect of the automatic stay on a statute of limitations.”

        There was just one hitch: No one — not the airline’s lawyers, not even the judge himself — could find the decisions or the quotations cited and summarized in the brief.

        That was because ChatGPT had invented everything..

        The lawyer who created the brief, Steven A. Schwartz of the firm Levidow, Levidow & Oberman, threw himself on the mercy of the court on Thursday, saying in an affidavit that he had used the artificial intelligence program to do his legal research — “a source that has revealed itself to be unreliable.”..

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          Don’t imagine that lawyer will do that again.

          I suppose going forward we are all going to need to ask lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, and all kinds of other professionals – maybe even medical doctors – if they will be relying on any AI program to prepare their work product for you. If they say yes, then walk away very quickly and find someone else. One problem is that as AI becomes more ubiquitous these professionals may not even know they relied on it. There must be a way to prevent information being created out of whole cloth by these programs.

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        Agree.  A good example of fake AI is a legal brief prepared using ChatGPT by an attorney at a respected NY law firm.  The brief based on AI included “bogus judicial decisions with bogus quotes and bogus internal citations”.  The attorney is now facing legal sanctions.  https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/27/business/chat-gpt-avianca-mata-lawyers/index.html

        [edit:  We submitted similar comments simultaneously.]

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      Isn’t it “I’m sorry Dave….” spoken by Hal? I shouldn’t be picky, though.

      Win 10 Pro x64 Group A

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      I’ve long since uninstalled Edge, and the only Bing instance I have is the weather app.

      Always create a fresh drive image before making system changes/Windows updates; you may need to start over!
      We were all once "Average Users". We all have our own reasons for doing the things that we do with our systems, we don't need anyone's approval, and we don't all have to do the same things.

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      It’s rather sad what’s become of Windows and of Microsoft that one has to “tame your operating system” or worry about unwanted/unneeded features like “AI” being added that are only an attempt to monetize you or your data. Microsoft has truly lost the plot of what an operating system is supposed to be.

      I get to experience some of this at work with Office 365 where as soon as I start any Office application an “Artificial intelligence” process starts (seen via Task Manager) which I promptly end task. Thankfully the process does not come back unless all Office applications are closed/re-opened (Outlook is normally left open all day). Also while I never use Edge (Google Chrome is the primary web browser or I also use Firefox ESR) I still see numerous random Webview2 processes in Task Manager which I believe are tied to something with Office 365. It takes numerous attempts to end task them via Task Manager as they keep spawning over and over again like malware before they finally go away after repeated attempts to kill them. I miss the old Office 2016 (or older) as well as Windows 7 that we used to use and were much more stable and reliable without all these extraneous random processes always running in the background. It was also a lot easier for our IT department to setup and administer those older systems/applications.

      Otherwise on my personal systems I no longer have to worry about or deal with any of this since moving to Linux Mint (also has LibreOffice). It’s a system that still respects the end user and does not attempt to monetize you in any way or add such superfluous features. There is also no need to “tame” the system or jump through a bunch of hoops to try to prevent changes or updates being applied. Instead the system respects your settings and stays out of your way and does not attempt to change anything unless you initiate it yourself. It’s quite refreshing and provides great peace of mind.

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      What about eliminating Edge completely, especially if one is not into Chromium-based browsers?

      I mentioned this before in another post, but did not get a response.

      I think that AI is another fad, it’s a case of FOMO.


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      Artificial Intelligence will remain off.
      Microsoft Edge will remain removed.

      On permanent hiatus {with backup and coffee}
      offline▸ Win10Pro 2004.19041.572 x64 i3-3220 RAM8GB HDD Firefox83.0b3 WindowsDefender
      offline▸ Acer TravelMate P215-52 RAM8GB Win11Pro 22H2.22621.1265 x64 i5-10210U SSD Firefox106.0 MicrosoftDefender
      online▸ Win11Pro 22H2.22621.1992 x64 i5-9400 RAM16GB HDD Firefox116.0b3 MicrosoftDefender
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      I have no Office 365 apps. I was oblivious to the WebView2 “feature” but out of curiosity searched for “webview2” on myWin 10 22H2 drive. It seems WebView2 also appears to underlie features of  Macrium Reflect, Zoom, TeamViewer, Windows Search, Windows Calculator and probably other applications as well, correct? (Pardon my ignorance.)

      Win10 Pro x64 22H2, Win10 Home 22H2, Linux Mint + a cat with 'tortitude'.

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      Statement on AI Risk

      AI experts and public figures express their concern about AI risk.

      Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war…

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      Windows 10 22H2 desktops & laptops on Dell, HP, ASUS; No servers, no domain.

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      interesting development concerning ChatGPT:
      oh dear, more opaque transparency…/facepalm

      No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created IT- AE
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