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    Is anyone using “Hide My Email”?  I created a bunch of Hide my emails for some accounts – shopping, online stuff.  I did not change accounts I feel are critical because I think they require my real email id. But I hope using ‘Hide My’ will protect my email and lessen the chance of breach.

    I am looking for feedback – anyone using this feature? Any pro’s or con’s you have come across?  So far, I have not had any issues, but it’s only been a few weeks. thanks. Donna

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      I don’t use Apple Mail. I use Chrome-Gmail.
      After reading a lot about “Hide My Email” I still don’t understand the Pros of using it (I do understand and use ‘Hide My IP).

      If I need a ‘burner mail address’ I can create one (not tied to my email) easily for free. With Hide My Email’ the real email will continue to receive junk/spam mail, but not directly…

      Don’t Get Burned – Apple’s “Hide My Email” Feature & Impact on Email Deliverability

      I know the Marketers are in panic (add Apple’s adblocking & hide IP):


      ..As more consumers expect organizations to know them, utilizing a “burner” email will effectively make a customer unknown to an organization, limiting their ability to provide highly relevant communications. This may cause a poor customer experience in situations like addressing a customer service concern, which requires pulling up your information, or recommending related products based on your past behaviors…

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      Thank you for your feedback. I am not using Apple mail either – I use MS365 Outlook.  That article you referenced for HME is similar to another one I read – from the perspective of marketers and how this impacts them.  I don’t see it as negative for me as a user of HME.  It allows me to protect my primary email id, but I understand your point of creating a burner, which is totally independent of your email.  With outlook, I don’t want to create multiple burner email aliases. That’s too messy!  I also try to use logon with apple when I sign up for an account  – which hides your email.

      I have to read about the other feature you mentioned – is that Private Relay (which is in Beta?).

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      is that Private Relay (which is in Beta?).

      Yes, it is in beta on iOS 15 but works well.


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