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        When formulating your replies, keep these simple rules in mind:

        1. No personal attacks. We’re talking tech, not personalities.
        2. No swearing. My 6-year-old reads this stuff.
        3. No politics or religion, except in the Rants forum.

        Please stay on topic. Posts that don’t contribute to the discussion may never see light of day. People around these parts tend to be quite busy, and they (like me) dislike wading through reams of repetition and irrelevance. You can always start a new Topic in the Rants forum.

        Also note that I am loathe to post links to any software of dubious pedigree. Yes, that includes hacked copies of Windows 7. It also includes password crackers, keygens, and the like.

        Dissenting opinions welcome – encouraged! – as long as they’re coherent.

        Thus spake Da Boss.

        UPDATE: Full Lounge Rules are located within the Posts & Privacy page, and is linked on each page of AskWoody, in the top right area of the right-hand panel. The Posts & Privacy page is located in the top menu bar of each AskWoody page.

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        AskWoody MVP

        It may be handy to give instructions and rules for avatar sizes and formats supported no?
        Some (including me) do not know what the maximum size the avatar should be.
        If too big, it can skew the forum layout..

        | Quality over Quantity |
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        AskWoody Lounger

        How does one add their avatar?

        The difference between Genius and Stupidity:
        A Genius knows their limits.
        - Albert Einstein

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          Great question. Post coming up momentarily.

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          AskWoody MVP

          Woody will probably add this later:

          The software we use here (WordPress and bbPress) hook into a free Avatar service called Gravatar. Here’s how to put a mug on your posts.

          Step 1. Go to

          Step 2. Click the Create Your Own Gravatar button.

          A registration form appears. Follow the instructions, using the email address that you used to sign up for the AskWoody Lounge. The username can only be lower case letters and numbers – no spaces – and it has to be unique (which is to say, it has to be different from every other Gravatar username).

          Step 3. Click Sign up.

          You get a confirmation email from with a link to activate your username.

          Step 4. In the email, click Activate Account.

          You end up back in, where you need to sign in and upload an image.

          Step 5. Click the link to add a new Gravatar.

          Instructions from there are pretty easy. When you come back to the Lounge and refresh the page, your new avatar should appear.

          Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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        AskWoody Plus

        How does one add their avatar?

        Mine got added automagically from the fine folks at Gmail….

        Best Regards,



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        SSDs: 6xOS Partitions, 2xW8.1 Main & Test, 2x10.0 Test, Pro, x64

        CPU i7 2600 K, SandyBridge/CougarPoint, 4 cores, 8 Threads, 3.4 GHz
        Graphics Radeon RX 580, RX 580 ONLY Over Clocked
        More perishable

        2xMonitors Asus DVI, Sony 55" UHD TV HDMI

        1. NUC 5i7 2cores, 4 Thread, Memory 8GB, 3.1 GHz, M2SSD 140GB
        1xOS W8.1 Pro, NAS Dependent, Same Sony above.


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        AskWoody Plus

        Other than Clk’ing “Thank You”, is there/ will there be a Private Msg capability to expand a Thank You, amend data, etc., Without another post taking Up Thread Space?  Thanks!!

        W10 Pro 21H1 / Hm-Stdnt Ofce '16 C2R / HP Envy Desktop-Ethernet/ 12 GB / 256G SSD + 1 TB HDD / i5-8400 CoffeeLake-S / GP=2 + FtrU=Semi-Annual + Feature Defer = 1 + QU=0

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          There is a link on the top row of which takes registered, logged-in users to the “Direct Message” page.
          Is this what you are looking for?

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        AskWoody Lounger

        You should inform (popup box with “not show anymore check box”) the user that his/her message awaits approval from a moderator, before it becomes public.

        (So us newbie’s not resent our messages until we see the list in the page bottom 🙂  )

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        AskWoody MVP

        A user asked how to recover a lost Windows 10 password. He was referred to the AskWoody rules; however the rules don’t say anything about password cracking (“recovering”).

        Is it against the rules to advise a user how to recover a lost password using method(s) other than those suggested by the software in question? I believe it should be against the rules, if it isn’t currently.


        Edit: Link Removed and AskWoody Lounge Rules have now been updated.

        Group "L" (Linux Mint)
        with Windows 8.1 running in a VM
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        AskWoody Plus

        Several additional suggestions for those new to this site:

        • The MS-DEFCON level is a numerical designation for when it’s safer to install patches. Read about the MS-DEFCON System at the top of the website:
        • Know what MS-DEFCON Level is currently posted — it’s at the top of the website.
        • Know your patching group. Group A, B, and W describe patching approaches. This link explains the difference between Group A, B, and W patching:
        • If a patch or installation has borked, please provide a complete description of the problem including Windows version, program or patch installed, error message, and any other detailed objective information that will help solve the problem.
        • Be patient.
        On Hiatus {with backup and coffee}
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        online▸ Win10Pro 20H2.19042.804 x64 i5-9400 RAM16GB HDD Firefox86.0 WindowsDefender TRV=20H2 WuMgr
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        AskWoody Plus

        Finding it difficult where you are supposed to provide comment on a particular article.   Would be nice if the article had a post your feedback link and it directed you to existing topic already started or started a new one.

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          Directly under the title of each topic, on the right, there is a link “Comment on the AskWoody Lounge.” If you click on that, it takes you to the Forum where you can add your post.

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            AskWoody Plus

            Hmm ok … I thought I tried that and it took me to a place that was not related to the article and I couldn’t post anything … but I’ll try again.

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