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  • Audio sync / delay issues

    Posted on garyfritz Comment on the AskWoody Lounge
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        AskWoody Lounger

        I have an HP Spectre x360 15t-ch0xx.  These systems originally come with a Realtek audio driver.  As with apparently many Realtek drivers, it had problems; the main was that it would start playing audio about 2-3 seconds after you you started the video/whatever.  Annoying.

        Following advice online, I ditched the Realtek driver and went with a generic Microsoft driver.  That solved the 2-3 sec delay, but I believe this was the one with the mushy/crackly distortion in the left channel through the headphone jack — which I use 99% of the time to feed larger/better speakers.

        In May HP posted a new Realtek driver (Release 6.0.8940.1 Rev.B, 5/5/2020). It works… most of the time, sorta.  My current headache is that the audio gets out of sync.  Usually the audio leads the video, by as much as 0.5 – 1.0 second or more.  This is VERY distracting when I’m using the laptop to drive a projector to watch a movie — or Hamilton, as I did this week.

        Sometimes I can restart the player and that will resync the sound… but then it quickly drifts off again.  And this is not an ideal solution when you’re trying to watch a movie.  The delay happens regardless of video source:  Youtube, Disney+, whatever.

        As far as I’ve noticed, it does NOT do this with a USB speaker.

        Any suggestions?  How can I make this thing work the way it’s supposed to??


        Windows 10 Pro, 1909 18363.836, installed 8/22/19
        Realtek High Definition Audio (SST)
        New Realtek driver, explained above

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        Have you tried turning OFF “Allow hardware acceleration of audio with this device” in the advanced properties for your sound device/card?

        Control Panel > Sound > (select sound output device) > Properties > Advanced


        In the same place, turn off all “enhancements” and test.


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        AskWoody Lounger

        I had not done that.  I’ve turned it off now.  So far so good — I will report back if it does/doesn’t seem to fix the problem.  Thanks @NetDef!

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Well, bother.  I watched a movie and it seemed OK.  I thought I maybe saw a little lag but by the end of the movie it was fine.

        Then I watched another, and almost immediately the sound was out of sync.

        Did I need to reboot after turning off that hardware-acceleration setting, or anything like that?

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        No other suggestions?  No ideas to fix this very annoying lag?  @NetDef?  Anyone?

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          To the OP: Forgive me for reviving this, but did you ever get it resolved? I have an HP Pavilion 15-cb0XXXX with a Realtek audio driver and the very same issue. It drives me crazy sometimes, and I’ve had no luck finding a fix. I thought it was the worse-than-useless B&O Play Audio Control (which seems to block the competent Realtek Audio Manager), but maybe I’ve been barking up the wrong tree. If you’ve found some resolution, I’d really appreciate hearing about it. Thanks.

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            ‘Fraid not.  The only suggestion I got was @NetDef‘s, and that didn’t fix it.

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        AskWoody Plus

        These systems originally come with a Realtek audio driver.  As with apparently many Realtek drivers, it had problems; the main was that it would start playing audio about 2-3 seconds after you you started the video/whatever.  Annoying.

        I have a Realtek audio driver in my Lenovo with W10 1909. Never had audio sync problem with my default audio/video MPC-HC portable app (or VLC portable).
        What audio/video player do you use ? The W10 build-in media player is ****.

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          It doesn’t seem to be player-specific.  I’ve seen it in Netflix and Youtube, and I think in MPC too.

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        AskWoody MVP

        This thread provides a solution (albeit for headphones) but, according to the poster, Realtek drivers seem to activate power settings that may cause lag. Worth a read and as usual if you try it backup, backup, backup beforehand.
        Page 2 of 3 is the solution with a description. Good luck

        Win8.1 Pro | Linux Hybrids | Win7 Pro O/L | WinXP O/L
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          Thanks, but I believe that’s a different problem — one that I had, and I fixed by ditching the Realtek driver and replacing it with the Microsoft HD driver.

          That problem manifests as a delay before sound starts coming out, so you miss the first few seconds of dialog/music in a video.  Once the sound starts, everything is fine.

          The problem I’m talking about manifests as a *delay* that persists through the entire video.  The sound is out of sync with the video, so e.g. speech plays about 1-1.5 seconds after the person’s mouth moves.  Very very distracting.

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          I tried this, and it worked but only until I had to reboot. Now I’m back to the delayed starts again (using VLC, Audacity, YT, it doesn’t seem to matter). Thanks for suggesting that; I appreciate it.

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        AskWoody Lounger

        My PC was built with a Gigabyte motherboard and Realtek sound driver.

        Every time I do a MS update I experience an audio sync delay when I watch recorded shows/movies etc.

        I have to uninstall my audio driver and reinstall it. That solves the problem, but what a pain. (Requires 2 restarts).

        I delay   MSUs until AskWoody Def con goes back to 4, never-the-less MS is MS, so the problem continues.

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