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    Its year end, a time when we pull old – out of use – computers off the shelf and perform their semiannual Windows updates.

    Just noticed that several of our workstations, that have been out of use for years, have an app named Auslogics Duplicate File Finder for Windows

    According to Auslogics, their free Duplicate File Finder is a tool for dealing with low disk space issues by clearing space and improving PC performance.

    According to Auslogics the Duplicate File Finder offers a way to:

    • Sort through documents, images, music, videos and other files to identify and remove duplicate copies of files and free up disk space,
    • Check PC for errors and remove junk files.
    • Optimize hard drives for maximum performance, and
    • Increase Internet speed and keep a PC secure.

    Has anyone run across the Auslogics software?

    Is it worth downloading and using?

    Is it safe to use?

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      About 3 years ago I became the ‘family photo custodian’ (as I had the largest drive storage capacity, both local and Google Drive). At the time I was just getting ready to retire my last remaining Windows 7 PC in favour of Windows 10.

      For about 3 months I gathered photos on hard disks, USB sticks and SD cards from family members and transferred them all over to my own HDDs for checking before uploading.

      I tried several duplicate finders but quickly settled on Auslogics Duplicate File Finder as the most efficient, helped by a recommendation on either Raymond.cc or Lifehacker (I can’t remember which swayed me).

      It was slightly faster than others I tested and – more importantly – was one of the few duplicate file finders at the time that allowed me to restrict searches to a specific filetype, i.e. images. It was still a slow process but do-able.

      I need to do this again now that duplicated photos have crept back in again over the intervening years.

      I’ll try Auslogics Duplicate File Finder again under Windows 10 but will also try the highly-recommended (by LifeHacker) utility dupeGuru.

      Has anyone run across the Auslogics software? Is it worth downloading and using? Is it safe to use?

      I’ve also used AusLogics Disk Defrag and AusLogics System Information regularly since 2008 and Auslogics Task Manager since 2012. I liked their tools because they were small, free and portable. I still have them… but haven’t used any of them since moving to Windows 10.

      Are they worth downloading? Sorry, I don’t have any current experience, not since Windows 7.

      Are they safe to use? I never once had a problem with any Auslogic utility I used… and as I mentioned above, I’ll be trying out a more modern version of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder fairly soon.

      Hope this helps…

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      I second Rick’s observations. I also used to use Auslogic software and never had a problem with it. Although I haven’t used it recently, I see no reason not to trust it. Of course, there may be newer better tools out there but I’m not currently aware of them. I mostly used their disk defrag utility, but who does that these days…thanks to SSDs!

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
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