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    i am looking to make a task auto

    hopefully you can make sence of the idea below

    column A has a list of names, say 200

    Column b is a total amount

    Column C i add a name from the list of column A

    Column d has a price i insert

    how do i make column B look at  column C find the name in column A and add the price from column D to Column B








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      VLOOKUP or MATCH is usually the way we do this.
      The data source is in A and the value to lookup is in C.

      If you need more help, post some sample data from your sheet for us to work with.

      cheers, Paul

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      For what you’ve described, you don’t need a VLOOKUP or MATCH function; all you need is something as simple as:


      where A2:An holds the names, C1 is the cell holding the name to match, D1 holds the amount to add and 100 is the base amount. Simply copy the formula down as far as needed.

      If you need to have different base amounts in column B, you’d do best to put those in B2:Bn and use a formula like:


      in, say, E2 and copied down as far as needed.

      Something more complex would only be needed if you might have multiple names and amounts in columns C & D, respectively. Even then, a simpler formula could be used if the additional amounts were added to the same rows as the listed names – you wouldn’t even need the IF test.

      Do note that any formula-based approach will be volatile – change a name of amount and your calculated amounts will change.

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