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    I like the way it opens and mainly use it when I connect the camera to the computer. I have the option to open FinePix to see the pictures and that’s what I choose. Today’s update – kb971029 is to eliminate that option and use autorun only for DVDs and CDs I believe. QUESTION IS – do I have to get the update if I’m happy the way autorun is now? No one else uses the computer, so there’s no danger of someone opening a device I don’t know about.

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      It’s a matter of preference,IMHO.

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        I have done a bit more searching and some people have problems after this download. I don’t need it and don’t want it – I’ve decided. Now how long will the notice keep appearing when I turn the computer on! I’m getting tired of the little yellow shield sitting there all day :confused:

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          Click on the yellow shield.Then you have to put a tick (check mark) in the “NO Thank You” box.Another way would be to Turn Off Automatic Updates all together.Start>Control Panel>Automatic Updates.Put a tick in the Turn off Automatic update.Which I DO NOT Advise what so ever!
          I believe the first part would be the best route to go.

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      Thank you. I already removed the check mark a few times – there is no “no thank you” box, so the little shield appears every day! Thanks for the input.

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      Try clicking on the yellow shield, and choosing the Custom install as opposed to Express install. When the update appears in the Custom install box, click on Cancel. When you do so a message should appear giving you the option to not be bothered again with that particular update.

      Also, if you have not already done so, I would recommend going to Windows Update in Control Panel and changing the Update option to “Notify me but allow me to choose when to download and install” or words to that effect. I do not have XP up right now and am working on memory here. That should keep most updates from slipping through without your knowledge on Automatic mode.

      Hope this helps.

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      Thank you, but none of that changes the yellow shield and notification appearing every day! There’s no custom option (which I always use); it’s this one update alone. Maybe next time there are other updates I can uncheck this one, download the others and this download will go away. I can always hope!

      Thanks anyway!

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        This may be worth a try …
        Right click the shield, in the bottom of the next window will be choices Download and Cancel, uncheck the update box and Download will change to Close, click on Close and a new Hide Updates box will appear, check the box next to Don’t notify me….., then click on OK

        Be sure to click on Close not on Cancel!!!

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      JACKPOT!!! Thank you so much! I have been clicking Cancel after the previous steps, so I never got the Hide Updates box. It will be great to get rid of that notification and shield! I had forgotten how to get to that option.

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