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    Hi and thanks PKCano for providing such precious support to this windows update management for those of us on B-Side.

    However even after quite some research, i’m still totally clueless on why is there no mention anywhere by neither you and other counter-telemetry parties about all of the older-but-still unseperceded security updates (ie those released between SP1 (~Oct 2011) and the new rollup servicing model this late Feb 2016)..

    Being on B-Side, It kills me to find literally tons of (reportedly unsuperseded) security updates on the Windows Catalog  within this timeframe (ie. All of which are still showing their KB package as has having no superceding KB available within the Windows Update Catalog..

    It sounds insane to me having to go over each and all of the security bulletins and the catalog, in order to spot all those release 2011-and-up, but how is this an option for Group B’er ??

    Please help me figure this out since i’m confused and a little on the edge of throwing the towel down and just go ‘A’ :((

    Sorry for my english, and thanks for enlighting me on that matter …

    TLDR: For B-siders, what to do with all those still-unsuperceded kb released before the new rollup model ??   ie: .. 2667402, 2862330, 2761217, 3060716, 3071756 to name a fraction of em.. Should those be deployed or not ?

    Thanks again .. !!

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      Updates that Microsoft classifies as security-related are always classified as status Important by Microsoft, I believe. And Group B is instructed to install all updates of status Important (except the monthly Windows rollups) if I am not mistaken?

      A related issue is that some updates that actually are security-related are not classified as security-related by Microsoft, and since these updates are usually not classified as status Important, Group B doesn’t install those updates.

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      @ owdrtn

      Chronology; …
      #1. Win 7 was released in 2009
      #2. Win 7 SP1 was released in 2011
      #3. Since Win 7 SP1 in 2011, 200+ individual important updates have been issued by M$ until this was stopped by the imposition of monthly mandatory Patch (non-individual)Rollups in Oct 2016, which is shortly after many Win 7 users have rejected the free Win 10 upgrade which ended on 29 July 2016.(= retaliatory action by M$ against Win 7 users ?)

      So, today, if you do a clean install of Win 7 SP1, M$’s Windows Update will likely still be offering you 200+ individual important updates and the April 2017 Rollup.

      M$ did announce plans to incorporate or “absorb” the 200+ individual important updates into the monthly Rollups from Feb 2017 onward. This is an ongoing process, ie which may only be fully implemented for the coming May 2017 Rollup, as per …
      … If so, if you do a clean install of Win 7 SP1 after the 09 May 2017 Patch Tuesday, Windows Update will only offer you the May 2017 Super Rollup, ie the 200+ individual important updates have been retired or disappeared because they have been incorporated/”absorbed” into the Rollups from May 2017 onward.

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      Hello owdtrn,

      Don’t go A. Please see my PM reply to your PM.

      Best regards,



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      @ owdrtn

      Group A, B and C/W updating methods for Win 7/8.1 were only implemented here after MS imposed the new monthly mandatory Patch Rollups (non-individual) in Oct 2016.
      . . How Win 7/8.1 users practiced their updating methods before Oct 2016 was up to users’ preference, eg chose to not install the individual Telemetry updates, recommended updates or optional updates. …
      . . So, it is up to you, how you wanna handle the individual updates that were released before Oct 2016.

      For a clean reinstall of Win 7 SP1 (2011 era) today, users will be offered 200+ important individual updates and the May 2017 Patch Rollup (non-individual) by Windows Update. The user may choose to not install the individual Telemetry updates and the May 2017 Rollup (= Group B or C/W).

      P S – Many post-2011 individual critical/important updates for Win 7 are not available from MS Update Catalog, ie only available from Windows Update. Eg …

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