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    PATCH WATCH By Susan Bradley September is the month for in-the-wild patching. September is a month of change. From going back to school here in the Un
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      The September releases also include (once again) a batch of .NET updates, but they do not include new security content. Depending on your patch settings, you may not see these offered. Furthermore, they impact only .NET versions 5.0.10 and 3.1.19.

      Haven’t seen a .NET update since February.
      Currently installed are .NET version 5.0.10 (needed for Handbrake app) and previous versions on 21H1 Pro.

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      Dear All,

      Below is my experience with printing / Windows Updates & Feature Updates vs Microsoft’s QA competence of late…

      W.r.t. Printer issues with 21H1 and KB5005565, I updated to 21H1 on 2021/09/06 and the patch last week… I have a Canon TS8350 All-in-one printer that I typically use once/twice a month, hence this story…

      I tried to use it on 2021/09/19 and (since I had PrintSpooler disabled as per recommendations w.r.t. PrintNightmare) when reactivating PrintSpooler I found that it was not available. It is connected via USB cable since I only use wired connections were possible and my personally spec’d & built Ryzen 3600X based desktop has no WIFI hardware. (note this printer was not networked and had never been).


      I tried all the things possible, before a driver removal and reinstallation – ‘driver installation failed’ (MS auto instals an App (w.r.t. ink supply levels… but never used it though… Amazon… 😊)). Anyway was totally borked, i.e.; after four hours or trying different things based (e.g. SCF/Scannow, REVO software  removal + ProgramData/USer/AppData removal of CANON folders (no other Canon stuff)) I had to resort to removal of Sept patch (KB5005565)… no fix… I then, finally, reverted to one of my Macrium Reflect Images from an hour before the 21H1 Feature installation and… Fully Working 100%.

      Not overly impressed with MS QA at all so will be waiting until Mid-December now and changing my intended Targeted Version to 20H2, not 21H1 as a result. Total pants Microsoft.

      P.S. As for Windows 11, personally I think it is irrelevant and I will be awaiting Windows 12, i.e. I intend on staying on Windows 10 until 2025 and will only move IF Windows 10 proves LESS stable / secure at that time (TPM 2.0 will prevent malware really, so it holds all the security certificates yes…. so what happened with the  signed vulnerable Printer Drivers auto-install and the Razer Mouse System Level access driver auto install… would it have prevented that – not according to Wendell at Levelonetechs…

      P.P.SS watch the Levelonetechs review of Windows 11 (done by the aforementioned Wendell) on YouTube, oof bit of a (very deserved) roasting by Wendell (he he he!). A bit toasty over there Microsoft Windows “Marketing” team?…

      Well that’s my spleen vent for today :-).

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        An Update & Resolution (of sorts….) to update applications…maybe…

        As of today 2021/09/28, I applied the current Patch Tuesday (as per Askwoody 18.37.1) i.e.; KB5005565) which may indicate 21H1 soley as the cause of the loss of ability to detect my USB 3.0 connected Canon TS8350… OR it maybe due to my or, as mentioned in Askwoody 18.37.1, it was installing the update in a Administrator Account…
        (I made my Non-Admin Account an Admin logged out and back in before applying the updates).

        Or a undocumented update to KB5005565… I seem to remember that happening in the distant past (not 100% on that remembrance)… anyway patch applied to Win10 v2004, and printing was still working afterwards, and checked after a full restart… just in case it was only working due to a transitory system state… but was OK. So will transition to 20H2 in mid December… unless Canon update their drivers for 21H1 compatibility…. but safer to move one version at a time IMHO as they are only enablement packages and it gives any “undocumented features” of 21H1 to be unofficially resolved, (what problem…? 😒👍.


        P.S . I applied the OS version to the Local Policy as per Askwoody 18.37.1, nice to be able to fend of the C.F. implementation and borkage that will be generated in Windows 11’s first 12-24 months (Poor Alderlake early adopters, I wish you luck, you are going to need it!… cut off your hair now as your going to pull it all out anyway, most likely…sorry!)

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      I know this is a very basic question, but how do I download a copy of Win10 to my laptop?


      Which set of instructions should I follow? thanks. Donna

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        Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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          Thank you Susan.  The video is very nicely done and easy to follow : )

          So I followed your instructions and it wasn’t quite the same for me – I clicked on “Download tool now”  Then “Save File” and presto!  I had “MediaCreationTool21H1.exe” in my Downloads folder.  It did not take me through the steps you outlined.  It downloaded very quickly.  I did not get the the prompt to accept the user license agreement or an option of where to save the file, etc. But I assume this file is ok…….

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            The Media Creation Tool itself is very small. You then have to double click on it to start the process of creating the media.

            It went to you download folder because that ie the default download location specified in your browser. Go into your browser settings, Look for download location. It allosw you to choose the default folder. Then “always ask” gives you the opportunity to choose another location. It also prevents the browser from downloading something you don’t want without your permission by notifying you of the download.
            This is what it looks like on the General tab in Firefox Preferences/Settings:


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      The Media Creation Tool itself is very small. You then have to double click on it to start the process of creating the media.

      Oh so, I have to click on the downloaded file – MediaCreationTool21H1 – to create the media? And it didn’t follow the video steps bc I it download without asking – which I’ve updated to ask before download.  I feel like I should have known these things!!!   thank you for explaining. Donna

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      Wait. I must have missed something. My “About” says I am on 20H2 and my “Windows Update” tells me I am “up to date.” Why am I not on 21H1?

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        Type winver to know what version you are on.

        2004=2009=20H1=20H2 all have the same kernel and ‘about’ doesn’t always display the real version.

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          winver also says 20H2. Three of the four computers in the house (that I maintain) have 21H1, but one does not. Susan’s link to the “Windows 10 ISO” also has a “Windows 10 Update Assistant.” That says my computer is compatible. New version downloading now.

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      “Windows 10 Update Assistant.” That says my computer is compatible. New version downloading now.

      Windows update assistant will download/install the whole OS instead of ~100MB and 2 minutes of update.

      A better way would have to set in Pro version to Windows 10 – 21H1 or use the registry setting for Home version and wait for Microsoft update.

      Or, use WUmgr.

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        Yes, it took quite a while to complete, but it is done (without messing with the registry). (Sorry, I forgot to log in. I am that anonymous poster.)

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