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    In Windows 10 Pro there has always been a Backup app available under “Settings – Update & Security – Backup – Backup using File History” which was (seemingly) a more elaborate iteration of the File History app found in the old Control Panel. It had several more features under the “More Options” link (found right under the ‘Automatically backup my files’ slider button) which led to “Backup Options”. Well try as I might, I can’t find this same thing in Windows 11 Pro; File History is still there in Control Panel but the “other one” described above which was in ‘Settings’ has so far eluded me. It’s definitely not in the same location as it was in Windows 10. Perhaps I simply haven’t drilled-down far enough into the settings or some-such. If anybody could shed some light onto where Microsoft might’ve hidden this, I’d appreciate knowing…

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      Why would my post be marked as “spam”? This is a legitimate question. Mods please fix that if you would.

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      Unfortunately, you are stuck with what is available in Control Panel. See Windows 10 vs Windows 11 File History: What’s the Difference? (minitool.com) for more details.


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        Very informative but not exactly what I wanted to hear. Apparently, Microsoft is de-emphasizing the importance of “local” backup capabilities (internal & external hard drives) in favor of OneDrive, which I have two big problems with: 1st, its free storage is very limited; if you have a decent-sized backup you’ll quickly run out of space and have to buy more. 2nd, it is “cloud storage” which, with the constant data breaches going on each & every day now, is not exactly where I’d like to put my sensitive backup data, particularly if it contains any confidential information, which most backups do. I just want a good, reliable (and built-in) backup solution that works with my internal hard drives, my Western Digital Passport USB drive and my NAS drive, that’s all. It appears that Microsoft is headed in an entirely different direction (involving paid cloud storage) these days, though…

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          Write your own backup.bat file to save exactly the files you wish to keep to an external drive.

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          Or install a proper backup utility (like minitool).  🙂

          cheers, Paul

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