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    I’m going to cross forums here between Windows 8 and Windows 10.
    Yesterday we (windows phone users) got notice that Bank of America was dropping its app next month. This morning it was also announced that the app for Windows 8 was being dropped as well.
    I spoke to a tech at BofA this morning that although he hadn’t heard anything official, he believed that it was a compatibility issue with Windows 10, and that they would be issuing a new app. As he said “much the same as they had to do with Apple?

    So, I’m going to ask that if any of you out there trying Windows 10, is there a problem?


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      I suspect the problem is trying to use a banking app on the beta Windows 10, when Microsoft has told you that it is collecting as much data as possible to improve the product!

      Do you really want Microsoft to see all your banking details?!
      However ‘benign’ they might be?


      Plethora means a lot to me.

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      However ‘benign’ they might be?

      LMAO….benign……As Arnold say’s….It’s a Tumor

      Seriously….Never use a Beta OS for any online banking, at all….you just never know.

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      I heard or read (can’t remember which) that BofA said they were dropping the app because it was not being used enough to justify their efforts to keep it up.



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