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    https://twitter.com/barbbowman/status/1356973915734761478 Barb Bowman reports that on her 20H2 that she received the preview .NET update KB4598299 and
    [See the full post at: Barb Bowman reports preview NET kicks reboot]

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      I had this happen to me last night.  I’m running Win10 Home 2004.  My  updates were un-paused as of a few days ago for the Jan updates, and I was planning on re pausing this weekend.  Last night I got a notification that my computer required a restart.  the Feb .NET preview decided to auto-update as I did not click on check for updates

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      Sames messages being seen on workstations here as well. Why a preview shows up in regular updates instead of optional updates mystifies me.

      • #2340351

        optional updates section is only for regular Cumulative Update Preview and Feature Update
        recently they added drivers too

        .NET updates are processed by the legacy WUA like flash updates, whether they named Preview or not

        • #2342886

          recently they added drivers too

          what kind of drivers — Microsoft drivers? Intel drivers pushed by Microsoft? The same kind of drivers that GP “Do not include drivers with Windows Updates” affects?

          Are these drivers marked OptionalInstall?

          Are all updates marked OptionalInstall delegated to the lower section of WU where there is a “download and install” link?

          So, does the rule in #2309326 that says “FU Deferral + TargetReleaseVersion = you don’t get FU or CU Preview” become “= you don’t get FU or CU Previews or Drivers”?

          In other words, I’d like to mesh this new info about drivers with what’s already been said here about OptionalInstall and the Optional Updates section on the WU screen.

        • #2342893

          Any drivers deployed via WU

          some are regular (forced), some are optional

          in v2004 ad later, it’s now “view optional updates” link, which enter the above “Optional updates” page

          i didn’t test deferrals or TargetReleaseVersion to see if they affect optional drivers

          • #2342902

            Any drivers deployed via WU

            Is ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate still one of your configured policies?
            See #2308869 and #2309148.

          • #2342906

            in v2004 ad later, it’s now “view optional updates” link, which enter the above “Optional updates” page

            In 2004 and regarding the appearance of the “download and install” link, does the WU screen you get depend on whether you have GP=2 (notify download/install)?

            See No GP=2

            and GP=2

          • #2342910

            Yes, ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate was set when i got the drivers

            yes, i always set GP=2 (notify download/install), but that’s affect the regular top part
            optional updates are optional regardless

            • #2342912

              optional updates are optional regardless

              Yes, I understand that. But, how the “Download and install” link appears on the WU screen seems to be different, depending on GP configurations or not.

              In the GP not=2 screen, the “Download and install” link is side by side with the “View optional updates” link, but on the GP=2 screen, you can’t see the “Download and install” link until you click on “View optional updates” link.

            • #2342957

              Are you sure about GP effect?

              the link changed to “View optional updates” since announced with OS Build 19041,450

            • #2342975

              Are you sure about GP effect?

              Actually, I was asking you if GP settings make a difference in the WU display.

              19041.450 is dated Aug 11, 2020. The screenshots above for GP=2 (from Bradley) and GP not=2 (from you) in #2342893 are dated Nov 1, 2020.

    • #2340192

      Well, not seeing any ‘Previews’ on 20H2 Pro, probably due to the GP ‘Preview prevention’ settings within WU for Business settings 😉 Thanks to Woody, abbodi86 and PKCano from a good while back.

      No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created IT- AE
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      Weren’t there several patches last year where patches were released as “preview” in the C and D weeks and then not renamed for normal B week release?

      Anyway, I am on 20H2 Enterprise edition, but I didn’t see this (but I have “pause updates for 7 days” set).

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    • #2340226

      After clicking on “check for updates” Windows applies the referenced update (which does want a reboot), and then notes that another patch is available, as shown in the image.

    • #2340255

      i am also seeing this on my Windows 10 Pro 20H2 Toshiba Satellite computer. I have not asked it to download and install.

    • #2340286

      Win10 pro – 2004 and haven’t seen this preview.  As a matter of fact I haven’t seen any .NET updates since the last security one in the fall – I’m not sure why.

    • #2340393

      I have an Intel NUC 8i3 running pro 20H2 that I use to “experiment” on. I’m in Berlin, and my Win 10 version is originally German, but it’s set to English.

      I check for updates every few days, and I got the .NET preview yesterday (03 Feb).

      It installed fine, and no reboot was required. Windows says I can uninstall it if I want, but I’m going to leave it to see what happens. I haven’t had any problems with it so far.

    • #2340443

      I didn’t get it on this two-month-old install Win10 Pro 20H2, currently updated to 19042.746.

      After updating two days ago to .746 with KB4598242 CU, i re-blocked updates with WinUpdate Blocker. Previews and drivers are blocked in GP.

      Asus Z370 (Intel) mobo and an old MSI laptop using Intel HM170 mobo…

      Win10 Pro 20H2,backups with Macrium Reflect home edition
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      Win 10 Pro 20H2 with GP settings of download only and quality update deferrals set to 15 days. I’m not seeing this update. I do not use the Pause/Resume feature.

    • #2340451

      On Windows 10 Home 20H2 last Tuesday evening, after booting up, the main Windows update page showed the cumulative update preview available, with no other updates (aside from virus definitions) available on either the main update page or the optional update page (other than drivers). So I downloaded and installed the cumulative update preview and rebooted as instructed.  Then I went back to the main Windows update page and saw that the .Net framework update preview was already downloading and installing without me choosing it, selecting it, or searching for updates. It just started on its own right after the reboot. And it was not even shown as available or even optional before the reboot. Apparently Microsoft is requiring it to be installed whether you want it or not. Big Brother Microsoft does whatever it chooses with your equipment, because choosing their operating system means you give up partial ownership of your machine, I guess.


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      because choosing their operating system means you give up partial ownership of your machine

      Choosing Windows OS mean that you give Microsoft free hand in managing the OS. Read the EULA.
      Remembers, Windows OS is not your it is just licensed to use..

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      Barb Bowman asked why .NET updates might require a reboot.

      Some installed AV programs may use .NET. I can think of at least a few AV programs which use .NET. Other installed software may also use .NET. Your Windows computer’s Prefetch and SuperFetch settings can cause programs to silently load, unbeknownst to you, in your computer’s memory. These silently loaded programs might also rely on .NET in order to load and run.

      Windows Prefetch and SuperFetch settings are a separate discussion since I never allow Windows to silently load programs, based on when Windows anticipates when that I would want to load and launch such programs, unless I instead and deliberately choose to load and run said programs.

      So there you have it. There are a variety of reasons why installing .NET updates may require a reboot. I use Panda Dome antivirus. Panda Dome does use .NET for its VPN functionality. Thus and every time that I install any .NET update, Windows tells me that I have to reboot my computer.

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      Had this as well on 20H2 Home. Windows Update had been unpaused for Jan, I’d only looked with a view to pausing again and saw the preview download itself , install and ask for a restart. Seems fine but I’ll try to remember to pause sooner after updating in future.

      • #2340610

        Set the network connection to “metered” and it won’t auto-install anything. Don’t need to use pause then.

        cheers, Paul

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      • #2340668

        On the other hand, February’s .Net preview update gets rid of the ESENT warnings in the event viewer that appear with every boot or reboot, or perhaps the cumulative update preview does it — one or the other.


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      I’m on Win 10 Pro 2004, Configure Automatic Updates=2, TargetReleaseVersion=2004 via group policies. No install or reboot, just the following listed in Windows Update:


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