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    I have a form that has to be submitted to International airlines (Air waybill) new legislation will shortly require that information from 5 or 6 fields must be displayed upon it in 3 different positions in barcode form, 2 barcodes horizontal and 1 vertical, my question, in 3 parts

    1. I have asked my useless ‘Clippit’ friend about barcodes but he is silent and the MS site is not yielding any results. Can barcodes be used in Access and how do I get them.

    2. I would know how to get the information from one box to another but how, assuming first I can do (1) above would I move info from multiple fields to the 1 barcode field.

    3. Would the vertical text tool work on a barcode and preserve the format.

    I hope I have made this clear enough, thanks in advance


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      The answers to your questions are:
      1 – Yes – we built our own font so we could use it with Access several years ago, but there are lots of barcode packages available for a very reasonable price via the web – just do a search on barcode fonts.
      2 – What ever data necessary to create the AirBill could be concatenated together into a single field and printed with a barcode font – you will need to read about delimiters and other such things as the font size again available on the web
      3 – I think so, but honestly we haven’t tried it. My only suggestions is to try it.
      Hope this helps.

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      I have used barcodes (both printed and read them) in Access for years, quite successfully, with a package from Azalea software. I don’t know about the vertical barcode, but the concatenation of multiple fields into one works perfectly fine. You just have to add their flag character (*) into the field. I bought this quite some time ago, so you might want to check on newer offerings, but I can say that Azalea works well.

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