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    I might replace a my aging Linksys WRT 1900AC. Thing works great, but … would like to have much more range of my property.

    Looking for vendor comparison articles — that might help me wade through options. What I’m finding for current offerings with search is just too much to wade through.

    Is this a good question for an AI?

    Any suggestions / referrals most appreciated.

    David G

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      I have this same router. Got it in 2016. It’s been a trouble free work horse. The last firmware update offered was May 2021. Nothing since.

      None of my WIFI computers support a WIFI standard higher than “AC” so I haven’t been actively looking for a new router and range is not an issue for me. But I’ll keep my eye on replies to your post.

      A WIFI AX (“WIFI 6”) appears to be the current mainstream standard.

      A MESH router setup would give your great range and I think would be backward compatible, but you’re right, it’s a lot to wade though.

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        I’ve tried configurable repeaters… which are OK (plug into a wall.)  And I agree what a great device the Lynksys has been!

        A few legacy nodes (TV, Printers, Streaming Hub)… so backwards support is crucial.

        I’ve been reading about ASUS…

        A decent side-by-side table: Chicago Trib On Routers ’23

        If 100 or 150′ was possible, it would help.

        Probably I need to invest in mesh, but was hoping to avoid costs.

        No problems with admin overhead, I’m an 1st gen hack. No problem with the ISP. It’s fiber to the street and a copper cat5E handoff, DHCP.

        David G

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      Wi-fi 6 (wi-fi 7 is coming) is now the standard.
      One aspect to consider when buying SOHO router is your ISP’s support.
      ISPs usually don’t support not-their-own routers and in case of connections problem they blame the router.

      You better check with your ISP for a list of supported routers.

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      What sort of range do you need?
      Do you want to be able to change firewall settings or “set and forget”?

      cheers, Paul

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      Repeaters / extenders are the cheapest way to increase range.
      What have you tried and what was the result?

      cheers, Paul

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