• Bitwarden Password Manager users are being targeted by phishing ads on Google

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    Scammers are targeting users of cloud-based password managers, including Bitwarden, with phishing attacks. And the mode of attack was malicious ads.

    Users have reported that they have seen fake advertisements for Bitwarden on Google, the links in the ads were however not related to the password manager’s websites. The above image is from a reddit user who posted it a couple of days ago. This particular website closely resembles Bitwarden’s login page…

    Bitwarden : Thanks everyone, the team is aware of this one and working towards a resolution.

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      I use KeePassXC and a couple “Cloud” accounts and numerous backup locations, a bit more laborious to update the Database every change you make, but when setting up Bitwarden It wanted me to upload .CSV data file essentially to their Web page, which I baulked at and needless to say didn’t.

      Not sure really if it would be any more convenient at the end of the day, I have used a couple of AutoSync programs but it always finishes up with multiple duplicates all over the place.

      As life is further complicated around here being on MacOS and Wins 10, 11 I find KeePassXC and KeePass works well on all 3 Platforms.

      You can integrate KeepassXC in to various browsers to Auto-fill except Safari, but that means running with the KeePassXC prog. open and being often called away from desk, or what ever I am doing I don’t like leaving the database open, kind of self defeating really from a Security standpoint.

      as Martin Brinkman says:

      I’m never going to stop recommending KeePass to people who are afraid of cloud services. KeePass is free, open-source, works offline, supports physical security tokens, has excellent forks and ports for iOS, Android, Linux, macOS and Windows. What’s not to like about it? Even if you do use cloud-based services, you should consider exporting a copy of your password vault and import it to KeePass. This way, even if the cloud-app suffers an outage, you won’t be locked out of your accounts.

      I think the days of a notepad and “Post its’s” are well and truly gone as a way of storing passwords.

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        I never used or will use any password service app and never use browsers fill-ins.
        I have an encrypted file with rarely used passwords on my PC and backup drive.

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