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    So I am surfing the web and all of a sudden my bookmarks are gone like zip hairout. My other screen name that I use for e-mail only, still has its ISP supplied defaults – the screen name I use when surfing the web has nothing shrug toilet. I have Zone Alarm and it did not report any attempt to do something from outside. I did a complete scan with NAV and found nothing. I even rebooted (cold) my machine and they did not return. If I have to rebuild this list- gawd, it’ll take me weeks scream. Any insight/help that anyone can provide to solve this little riddle will be greatly appreciated. Thanks smile smile smile

    Ron M

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      Netscape has been known to somehow end up with a corrupt user profile (assuming that’s what you meant by “screen name”).. You need to open Windows Explorer and find the folder where your user profile lives to see if your bookmarks file is still there. I don’t use version 6.x so I can’t remember if the filename is BOOKMARK(S) with or without the “S” and the file extension will either be HTM or HTML. In any case, if you find it, you can double-click to open it in your browser long enough to see if it really is YOUR “good” bookmarks.

      Depending on that detective work, you’ll either need to re-build your user profile OR your bookmarks. It’s not nice to say in hindsight, but it’s one of the reasons one should BACKUP at least bookmarks, address book and mail folders every day. Let us know what you find…..

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        thankyou Thanks Big Al, I will look into this…and here I thought using Netscape would avoid problems shrug. Maybe that is why they cameout with Netscape 7 so soon after 6.2. Never had this happen with 4.7

        Ron M smile smile smile

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