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    Greetings All-

    I’m feeling especially stupid today.  My Laptop runs WIN 11 Home, and for most internet things, I use the Brave Browser.  Just for grins I decided to click on setting all of Brave’s settings back to their defaults.  Doing so I’ve lost the additional information that I see when I mouseover something.  Specifically, when I’m on the Amazon Prime Video sight, mousing over any of the movie titles formerly added some details about the movie.  Now I get nothing.  I’ve been over the settings in great length and can’t figure out what I need to change. As alwys, any help would be appreciated.

    Casey H,

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      I use Brave, but I’m running Win 10, not Win 11. Mouseovers on the Amazon Prime Video site are working fine.

      There have been some issues with Brave and Win 11 in the past, but I’m not seeing anything much for 2023.

      I can suggest 3 things:
      1) Make sure Brave is up to date (help/about), but it probably is.

      2) Delete all Brave browsing data (cookies). Search settings for “cookies” and scroll down to the bottom for the screen.

      3) Restart your computer.

      FWIW, I have Brave set to clear all browsing data on exit, but it’s just my choice.

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        Thank you, sir.  I actually figured things out on my own.  It was as you suggested.   I cleared all the cookies from the Amazon site, and that’s all it took.  Don’t know why it took me so long to figure out something that I should have done right away.


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      Actually, things weren’t resolved after all.  Shortly after thinking “I” had fixed things, the problem reappeared. So I just gave up.  A few days later, things were back to normal.  Apparently Amazon was experimenting with their website.


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