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    Well as threatened in another post I am going to recount my near ‘digital death experience’ (BSOD)

    I have a venerable XP install that auto-logsin to a superuser account with Tweakui that was working well, I had installed ZA firewall a few weeks ago and seemed to be doing fine along AVG AV. I decided to do some over due maintenance. I started to run VBA32 antirootkit (a Gizmo rec ) something changed my mind ( a help menu in Cyrillic). Ok no harm done.

    I have a dual boot w/ W7 home, I booted into that to make a Macrium PE 4 recovery disk. Went well no problem.

    I then tried to reboot to XP, I got the point where I could see my wallpaper and got a BSOD.
    I rebooted again w/ the same results. I noticed a curious thing, my time zone had been reset to Pacific and I am in NY. I booted to 7 and examined the minidump w/ both blueScreenView and Windows SDK debugger. Research on the error codes said basically “hard to tell, maybe driver”.

    Now I am probably scrambling the order of things a bit here but one time it booted in regular mode and I did an image. Next time I rebooted no go. I tried safe mode (does Win 7 dual booting add an extra keypress here?? ) Ok I’ll give SFC a try. No go, RPC service not running and not starting. I went offline and disabled most things with MSconfig (should not this be in the path? I had to the file to run it). Again no go. I figured I would try removing the biggest things that run on start up. I was thinking Nvidia drivers but found that a lot of AVG stuff seems to run as drivers soo I uninstalled and AVG and ZA just for kicks, yep that did it.

    BTW another curious thing I noticed: AVG had started a update the second day into this.

    I am now running Comodo suite and am blissfully happy, maybe in ignorance but they say ‘ignorance is bliss’.

    Now I am not asking for any help as things seem to be working ( well if anyone has any insight into the time zone reset I am listening).

    I would like to say this would have been a more enjoyable learning experience if my latest image was not 3 weeks old.

    KUDOS to all who promote imaging[/COLOR]. The one you really need is the one you didn’t do.

    I did get SFC to start after everything started to look good, but it wanted an XP cd (bad files in dllcache?). I have always been a bit skeptical of SFC and reading up on it I am questioning how good a situation it would be to put SP3 files on a computer that has had numerous updates over the years after SP3 was installed. What mechanism does SFC use to determine what files might be ‘bad’ and would windows update re-offer a patch that had newer files?? I refrained from digging out my XPSP3 disk.

    yes I did do another image


    Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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      Yes, imaging is a good thing. Now it’s time to think and go beyond it.

      If an image is the only thing standing between you and data oblivion, you don’t have a credible backup regimen.

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      I know I am poor on regimen:eek:

      I am less worried about data oblivion than “OS/it is setup just the way I want with 11 years of installed programs” oblivion.:cool:

      I am toying w/ the idea of going w/ W7 when/if I build a new box, I am just not ready to migrate now. Now here is a question in that regard (yes I know a squeaky fresh install is always recommended): Can W7 32 bit on a 2 core processor be migrated to a newer 4,6,8 core?


      Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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      Ya no problem though you might run into difficulties if you also have to switch out the mobo to accommodate a processor with more cores.

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      Thanks Fun
      I will likely just be building a whole new box.


      Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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