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    I believe I am one of countless users who have tried many, many times to update ( upgrade? ) from 1909 to 2004 on my MSI motherboard based desktop. Attempts have utilized countless suggestion from Microsoft and a plethora of other websites.

    Microsoft advises an installation that would wipe out most or all my programs, and I would have to reinstall almost everything from scratch.  Would take an enormous amount of time and some are very old programs I couldn’t reinstall.

    Of course the error messages don’t really reveal why.  Possibly a driver issue.  But it occurred to me that my motherboard does not show a serial number in the BIOS, and that the Win installer might have a checker to make sure I wasn’t trying to avoid paying for a new install.

    So I emailed MSI support about the missing serial, and after multiple support emails, advising a newer BIOS which I had and did again, and taking the case apart to find my serial numbers and sending them them to support, I received an email telling me my warranty had expired!  As though I didn’t know that after several years. But they never answered if it was or was not possible to insert the serial into the BIOS, my original question,  Imagine my reply,  Just venting about the current state of (lack of) support.

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      First, there is no rush to upgrade to 2004 as 1909 is supported until May 2021.
      Second, 1909 is recommended for now on askwoody.com

      As you are on 1909 the Windows 10 license is “written” on your system.

      What steps have you taken for the 2004 upgrade ? Microsoft online upgrade ? Offline ISO file ?..
      If there are blocks in hardware for upgrading you can ublock and force the upgrade taking into account that some hardware won’t react as usual (replacing drivers with Microsoft Universal drivers..).

      You can set Target Release Version to 2004 and wait for Microsoft to offer the upgrade.

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      Instructions within the published also with a MSFT warning:

      Win8.1/R2 Hybrid lives on..
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      Hello and wellcome. I think you are on your own if it comes to “big players support”. These online supports are just.. advising to run the latest BIOS, drivers, OS.. Which are trying to do.
      But good news! There is AskWoody page, island of understanding in the bot-driven corporate helpdesk ocean!

      If you want to troubleshoot your failing updates, we will need more information.
      – How you performed update
      – What was the real cause of failing (look into windows logs)
      – What you expect from your computer too

      Better may be to “bend” Windows for your needs – delay updates as much as possible, set target release version of Windows, suspend telemetry on the background and more. Thus making your OS more user friendly, instead of being betatester for free!

      Which path do you choose?

      Dell Latitude 3420, Intel Core i7 @ 2.8 GHz, 16GB RAM, W10 22H2 Enterprise

      HAL3000, AMD Athlon 200GE @ 3,4 GHz, 8GB RAM, Fedora 29

      PRUSA i3 MK3S+

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        OP joltar also needs to tell use what kind of MSI motherboard being used by running Speccy to determine the specs of his hardware (aka. CPU, RAM and whether he’s using a standard HDD or SSD drive)

        btw, doriel, have you gotten a chance to read this thread?
        one user there could not install the KB4592440 CU on an 1809 Pro system because it went EOL on Nov. 2020.

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      Still with 1903, cannot update, need to reinstall clean Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

      I had paused Windows Updates till after the last patch Tuesday.  There was an error message that flashed by so quickly I couldn’t read it, something about not being able to complete updates.  When I looked at what had updated, all updates were for 1903.  I’m thinking I need to install a clean version of Win 10 Pro 64-bit, but I can’t remember how to do it so I don’t lose anything.  Also, months ago because of Eudora problems, my system created a folder under Windows | Users|Alexandra.000, replacing folder Alexandra.  I need to get rid of that folder, that is to say:  I want all its contents to be subsumed under Windows|Users|Alexandra.

      Last night I was obliged to restart for “security.” When I did, my computer recycled several times (all the while warning not to turn of computer), with messages, twice, which said “We couldn’t complete the update.”  “Undoing changes.” Repeated three times before windows returned.

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      Windows | Users|Alexandra.000

      This is a new profile created by Windows because it had problems, possibly due to an update. It is not likely to be caused by a Eudora update.
      Please start a new thread for this one.

      Still with 1903, cannot update

      We need details from Windows Updates > View update history.

      Before doing anything, make an image backup to external USB disk.

      cheers, Paul

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      First – your profile is fine. The .000 is OK and you can live with it. The one you should delete is Alexandra without zeroes. But for now let it be.
      Second – your updates can fail, because the download can be damaged (second cause can be invalid driver, but for now lets say, its damaged download and start from there).

      Repair damaged updates
      – go offline
      – open explorer in C:Windows and scroll down until you see folder SoftwareDistribution. Let this window opened, you will need that.
      – open computer management as administrator (Press WIN+X and select “computer management”)
      – go into group services and applications and double click “services”. List of services will appear. Fint the one called “Windows update” and click “Stop”.


      Now you have approx 15-30 seconds to rename the SoftwareDistribution folder, before the service starts again.
      Go back to explorer window and rename SoftwareDistribution to SoftwareDistribution.old
      (the quickest way is to press F2 when folder is selected).

      Now if the folder is renamed, go online again, go to Windows Updates menu and download updates again (click the button check for updates should wait for you there)

      Maybe this can help.

      Dell Latitude 3420, Intel Core i7 @ 2.8 GHz, 16GB RAM, W10 22H2 Enterprise

      HAL3000, AMD Athlon 200GE @ 3,4 GHz, 8GB RAM, Fedora 29

      PRUSA i3 MK3S+

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      Apologies to the members who advised me about the failure to update and possible solutions .  But I saw someone on youTube suggesting that Windows doesn’t provide updates of drivers that seem to be critical for many operations to run smoothly.  I’ve read in many posts that commercial driver updater apps are a waste of money.  In spite of that I use some free and paid maintenance utilities from Tweaking.com.  Recently they recommended an updater and I bit the bullet and bought.  After the program did it’s magic, I was able to update with no problems whatsoever.  I’m now having problems with a Windows 11 machine built to mostly do Photoshop and some other photo utilities that need lots of speed and fast memory.  I intend to post here about that, having spent literally hour on that problem.

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