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        AskWoody Lounger

        Well I admit I lied a little in the thread about ordering a new battery, after many tries I already accepted that my battery is dead.

        However I am already hesitating about buying a new one, since its very expensive for my budget (official one cost 120 dollars)

        But I found one on amazon for 60 dollars

        Battery on Amazon

        as I said, it matches what my computer needs  however is there a way to know or can someone tell me, if its going to work?

        My laptop is an inspiron 5558.

        Moderator Note: Fixed the Amazon link

        Just someone who don't want Windows to mess with its computer.
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        AskWoody Plus

        It would seem to me that you have a choice of 3 things:

        1. Buy an overpriced battery directly from Dell
        2. Buy a ‘good enough’ battery from Amazon (or ebay)
        3. Buy a new (or refurb) laptop.

        I’ve bought batteries on Amazon for both a friends ancient laptop and another friends mobility scooter.  They both work sufficiently well.  I say ‘sufficiently’ as they do the job.

        How long they will last is based on how they (ab)use them: eg, recharge every night, leave it on charge for days, run ’em almost dead before recharging, or even not use it at all for weeks on end.  NiCads are different than NiMh are different than <other types>.  They each have different ‘behavior’ patterns for charging & discharging.  Doing it wrong will wreck them in a hurry.

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        AskWoody Plus

        My Spanish is a bit rusty, but when I go here, I see a bunch of batteries for around $30:

        If it was me, I’d look for a seller offering a free replacement 1 year warranty. I don’t know what your financial situation is but $30 seems pretty reasonable. Of course, if you don’t take your laptop anywhere you could run it without a battery.

        FWIW I bought a battery for a Dell Latitude 5450 through Amazon from an outfit called eCheer. So far, so good, but it’s only two weeks old.

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          AskWoody MVP

          Are you sure it was eCheer and not Techeer? ‘Cause that is the outfit I just bought the new battery for my Dell G3 from. Given that there are dozens of sellers of apparently the same item, that’s quite a coincidence if true!

          Edit: I just searched Amazon, and indeed, eCheer is one of the sellers. The name is way to similar to Techeer for it to be a coincidence, or at least that would be my guess.

          I bought this one from this seller not just because it was cheap, but also because it lists a two year warranty, and it also has one of the highest ratings (not that the star ratings are particularly reliable, but at least there weren’t horror stories about PCs catching on fire or the like) of any of the batteries Amazon lists for the G3. I also liked the two screwdrivers that came with it. The Phillips was a perfect fit for the screws on the G3, while the Torx fits my new XPS… and the battery was not even for an XPS! I guess it’s a generic “Dell” set. Works for me, though!

          I saw that some people had commented about other sellers’ batteries for the G3 that despite it being sold as a 56 watt-hour, it self-reported as 52 watt-hour when installed, and it also reported itself as some other part number than what was advertised. As such, that was the first thing I checked when I got the new one installed… and fortunately, it reports the right capacity, part number, and battery health. These may be spoofable things, but at least it is not one of the ones that was wrong right off the bat like some other buyers reported.

          My report so far is like yours… too new to really say, but so far I am pleased.



          Group "L" (KDE Neon Linux 5.21.5 User Edition)

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            AskWoody MVP

            Way too similar. Typo… I know the difference between my to, two, too!

            Group "L" (KDE Neon Linux 5.21.5 User Edition)

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        We have a 5559 and I got a battery from ebay.  I refuse to buy from Amazon even though they’re as likely as anyone else to deliver something and that’s part of why.

        I’ve bought lots of batteries off of ebay, some have five year warranties, kinda bizarre.  Get a new one (duh!), find the OEM P/N and look for one with it printed on the battery.  The P/N can be found online or in the diagnostics utility (F12 while booting, then pick run diagnostics).

        Don’t buy the cheapest or the most expensive.  I’ve never received a dud, they’ve all worked for 4 years or more.  Seems the older the computer is, the more the difference between OEM prices and others.

        Charge it fully and run it down to shutoff at least once, that will make the indicated charge level and remaining life more accurate.

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          AskWoody Plus

          The instructions for the eCheer battery I bought recommended three to four complete charge-discharge cycles. I don’t know whether such a recommendation varies from manufacturer to manufacturer or from one battery model to another.

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            AskWoody MVP

            It’s been  the generic advice for ages to allow the battery life estimates provided by the PC to be accurate, not just for any one battery maker. I am not sure that it is necessary any more, as batteries report a lot of info to the OS (like the full watt-hour capacity available and the realtime power draw stats) that used to have to be computed and estimated.

            I didn’t do it with my new battery. I did try it with the old one to see if perhaps the 59% health report was wrong, but it didn’t change anything.

            Group "L" (KDE Neon Linux 5.21.5 User Edition)

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