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  • Cannot fix DNS probe error


    Did a firmware update as recommended by Netgear, seemingly went okay without issues. Today when I booted up the PC, i got DNS Probe  nxdomain errors. I did some research and performed the following “fixes” cmd prompt as admin

    ipconfig /flushdns; ipconfig /release; ipconfig /renew; closed command prompt and rebooted. some websites showed up and some didn’t.

    I then did more research and performed the following: ipconfig /flushdns; netsh winsock reset; closed command prompt and rebooted. some websites showed and some didn’t.

    Many of the websites quickly flashed the probe error before eventually connecting; this happens in all my browsers; Edge is my default browser so I cleaned out the entire cache and it didn’t seem to make a difference. Another computer on this network does not seem to have this issue. I also did an sfc /scannow for integrity violations and there are none. I have not rebooted the router because I am not certain what that would do to our settings. Can anyone give me some guidance as to what I should do next? I am pretty poor at understanding routers and networks, but this issue is very annoying. Thanks


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      Rebooting the Router involves disconnecting the power for 30 seconds, then reconnecting it. If you have a separate Modem, you might want to reboot it at the same time. Reconnect the Modem first, allow the lights to stabilize, then reconnect the Router. This should not affect the current settings within the Router. If you have made changes and saved them they should be OK – check to be sure the changes are still there before you start.

      DO NOT reset the Router – this involves sticking an opened paperclip (or some like object) in a little hole in the side/back of the Router. This will return the Router to default (factory) settings.

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        I rebooted the router and modem and I still cannot connect to many websites without getting the dns probe finished nx-domain error. Sometimes refreshing the page works and other times not.

        I don’t know what else to try…problem in all 3 browsers.


        After I wrote the above, I tried restarting DNS cache in services and it seemed to have resolved the issue somewhat. I hoping it does because I’m running out of ideas.

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          Unfortunately, I still have the error. In many cases a refresh of the web page will allow a connection to the website. If anyone has any suggestions about how to clear this error, I’d appreciate the assistance.

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            Which DNS setting do you use? Your ISP DNS (DHCP) ? Google DNS ?…
            Try using a different DNS :

            Google: &
            Quad9: &
            OpenDNS: &
            Cloudflare: &
            CleanBrowsing: &
            Alternate DNS: &
            AdGuard DNS: &

            Do you use a VPN ?

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      ? says:

      Peaches, is your netgear a nighthawk? they show a firmware update from August causing a similar problem:

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        I will answer both OP’s.

        Alex-the DNS setting I use is my ISP’s DNS. at least that’s what I can tell from my network properties. I don’t use a VPN. I have never changed DNS servers, so I will research how that is  done.


        I response to guest poster, my router is a Netgear Nighthawk; I got the firmware notice upgrade three days ago and that’s when the problems started. I am grateful for the link and will go there to see if that is what I am experiencing. Thank you so much.

        As I scanned this group further I see others with issues with Netgear’s updates.

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