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    According to reagentc /info my “Windows RE status was Disabled”.  I did not manually disable it so unless it came that way when I purchased my laptop, LENOVO Ideapad 110, it should have been enabled.  My questions are, 1) could KB503441 have disabled it and 2) should I manually enable it before applying any future updates?  I welcome replies and would thank you in advance.



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      1) could KB503441 have disabled it


      You should read about the update, how to assess the size of the Recovery Environment on your computer, how to hide the update if you don’t want to install it, what you can do to make the size of the WinRE large enough, etc.
      Information is available on AskWoody here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here, and all the “Comments on the Lounge” under each one.

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        Everything is good to go I only need to correct the disable to enable.  I do not know, however, how it became disabled.  Surely it wasn’t sold by LENOVO disabled.  It is a mystery to me.


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      Look at C:\Windows\Logs\ReAgent\ReAgent.log file which has record of each time ReAgentC is run.

      Understand that when ReAgentC /enable is run it first scans for any Recovery partition on all disks large enough to hold the winre.wim file + 52 MiB. If no such partition is found it uses C:\Recovery\WindowsRE instead. Notice that when disabled winre.wim is stored under C:\Windows\system32\Recovery. The C:\Windows\Logs\ReAgent\ReAgent.log file documents all this thoroughly. When disabled all you will see in its place is Startup Settings on doing a shift restart.

      A reply to @Susan Bradley’s post KB5034441 fails to install with error code 0x80070643 by PRSGroupIT ‎Feb 04 2024 01:59 AM and KB5034441 — Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) successful install #2635064 both document that temporarily changing the Recovery partition to a plain Primary partition after ReAgentC /disable is run followed by ReAgentC /enable allows for a successful install of KB5034441.

      I fully expect that just shrinking the Recovery partition to 100 MB after ReAgentC /disable is run followed by ReAgentC /enable would also allow for a successful install of KB5034441 because the winre.wim file would again appear under C:\Recovery\WindowsRE.

      After the update you can run ReAgentC /disable followed by running ReAgentC /enable and  then look near the end of the C:\Windows\Logs\ReAgent\ReAgent.log file to determine the minimum Recovery partition size needed and take it from there.

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        Well, for what it’s worth I tried.  After imaging my system I tried to apply “reagentc /enable” but it failed. I will try to attach what I tried.  In case it doesn’t attach it said:  C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /enable then REAGENTC.EXE:  The windows RE image was not found.  Correcting this myself may be beyond my expertise so, I believe I will wait to see what Microsoft does, if anything.  Regardless I thank each of you for trying to help




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      If you don’t use BitLocker it doesn’t matter if 34441 is installed.
      If you do run BL, adding a pre-boot PIN will cover the flaw.

      If you are not sure if BL is enabled, run our BL status util.

      cheers, Paul

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        I want to thank everyone who replied, I appreciate it very much.  I have decided I am not going to worry about it anymore.  I don’t have BitLocker installed nor do I intend on installing it.  My Laptop originally had a hard drive installed but several years ago I took it to a repair shop and had it replaced with a Solid State Drive.  I vaguely remember being told that although all of the files transferred successfully one of the participations was giving them a problem.  I was asked if I used my computer to do something, I don’t recall what it was, and since I didn’t I was told I didn’t need to worry about it.  If it hadn’t been for my Grandson reminding me I would have completely forgotten about it.  My memory is just not what it once was.





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      continue to hide or block the KB5034441 update with tools like wushowhide.diagcab, WUMT (windows update minitool) or wumgr – even with the recent February 2024 security update releases

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