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    In Susan Bradley’s Updates, She has a page that lists Office 2007 patches that must be installed. All 6 of them were released in early 2019. Looking at my update list, it does not appear that I have any of them installed.

    Her Patch numbers are highlighted and underlined, but they do not link to any sites. So I went to the requisite page on the Microsoft support page. An example (I tried several) is this one:


    There are two realistic choices: Method 2 and Method 3. The link to Method 3 provides a 404: page not found error.

    The Method 2 link works, but what I get downloaded is a .cab file. I have no idea how to use that file.

    How do I turn that .cab file into an update on my computer?



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      A CABinet file is like a ZIP file, it contains files.
      Try right clicking on it and selecting Open. You should see a list of files that you can extract to a temporary folder. Hopefully there is an installer in there.

      cheers, Paul

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      Yes, just open it like any other folder. Inside will be two files; one is the executable file, the other is a .xml file. Select both, right-click, then Extract. Choose where to extract them; I suggest your desktop, and delete them when finished.

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      Paul T & tonyl:

      Thanks for the clarifications. I found I could extract each .cab file to a separate folder, and then install from there, rather than dragging the files to my desktop.

      All went OK on both of my Windows 7 computers. One of the files (KB2596760, a security patch for Office 2007) appears to have been installed twice on one computer. I was hesitant to remove the second copy, because I thought that might remove both copies. I assume having two will not do any harm.


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      Having 2 installed may just be an aberration. As long as it’s working I’d leave it alone – I’d also make regular image backups to an external disk.

      cheers, Paul

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      As Paul says, almost certainly an entry in the registry that should’ve been deleted and wasn’t.

      It’s happened to me personally; I’d installed a newer version of some video software over the older version (as per the instructions). Both versions appeared in the program list, though only the later version was installed.

      Although not really a problem, it bugged me; it was untidy (those who know me will tell you I suffer from CDO, which is OCD with the letters arranged in their proper, alphabetical order).

      I “uninstalled” the older version and both disappeared. It was a simple matter to reinstall the program, but lesson learnt; the registry isn’t bullet-proof.

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      Easy to extract CAB, but get error message about windows update service unavailble when trying to run the updates, like SP3.

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