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    This is very odd.  On my wife’s laptop [win10 21H1], when it boots up we get “cannot connect all network drives” and, sure enough, if we try to access the NAS it says that “cannot connect to Y:”.   It only has WiFi, but the LAN is properly enabled – I can access the internet with no problem and I can even access other drives on the LAN.

    i have no idea what’s going on, but most important: I can’t figure out how to fix it.  On my other laptop [also wifi] it just can’t connect to the LAN [and you folks told me about the little powershell script to reset the wifi interface], but that’s not the case here.  Any hints about what the problem might be and how I can fix it other than shutting down and rebooting.

    NOTE: if I’m watching carefully when the system boots, it does pop up a “couldn’t connenct all network drives” and if I click on that it does, in fact, connect the drive.  BUT: if I’m distracted and miss it I can’t figure out how to do the equivalent thing “by hand”.

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      I occasionally get the same pop-up notification (I have a shared drive connected to my Linksys router) which fixes the problem when I click on it but, like you, sometimes I’m not there to click the notice.

      If it’s disappeared, here are 2 ways to attempt to reconnect the drive.

        1. Click the ^ just to the left of the system icons on the lower right side of the taskbar to open the “hidden” taskbar items menu and then click the disconnected network drive icon (the one with the X)
        2. Open explorer, click on “My PC“, then click the disconnected drive (the one with the X).

      Either of those does the same thing as clicking the original notice.

      BTW, if neither works, then something more serious is causing your problem.

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      I have the same issue with my NAS. Started maybe 3 months ago? Happened for the throid time just now 🙂


      I go to Map Network Drive and remap it. It says already mapped, replace? And I do. And it works again for another month or so.

      No idea what changed in which update to cause the issue.


      (Right click “this PC” to map network drive. They have hidden that one well since Windows 7 🙂

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      Is your NAS on a static IP address? Or is it’s IP maybe changing because of DHCP reassignment of IP addresses? See if it helps to assign an IP, or reserve the IP in the Router for the NAS.


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