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  • Can’t use PowerToys to remap Scroll Lock key

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        AskWoody Plus

        After I read an article on How-to Geek yesterday < >, I tried to use PowerToys to remap the Scroll Lock key to Sleep. However, that merely produced the message that “The following keys are unassigned and you won’t be able to use them.”  See the attached screenshot for the full message.

        I have no idea what the message means. I’d never used the Scroll Lock key in my life until I read the How-to Geek article. Before then I didn’t even really know what it was for. But I did check, and found that the Scroll Lock key works on my computer when I use it in Excel. So “unassigned” apparently means something other than “doesn’t work,” leaving me to wonder what the word could possibly mean in this context and why I can’t reassign the key to the sleep function.

        Any ideas?



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        AskWoody MVP

        I think it may be just a strangely-worded response:

        At last click on “OK” button. The program can show a message “The following keys are unassigned and you won’t be able to use them”. Ignore the message and click on “Continue Anyway” button.

        [Tip] Disable or Turn Off Any Desired Key in Your Computer Keyboard

        So what happens if you click “Continue Anyway”?

        (It appears to work OK for me, but I don’t have a Scroll Lock key to test!)

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          AskWoody Plus

          Sorry. I guess I should have addressed that in my original message. I did try Continue Anyway. It didn’t work.

          Maybe it’s affected by the fact that my keyboard requires the use of the Fn key in combination with Scroll Lock (it’s the Home key when Fn isn’t used). But that hardly means that the latter is “unassigned.” It just works one way with the Fn key, and another without it. And in any case, it’s the “you won’t be able to use them” part that’s really the issue. I just focused on “unassigned,” since the message implies that that’s the cause of my woe.

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            AskWoody MVP

            Apparently, the strange message is only to remind us that the original key function will no longer be available:

            1.6 Orphaning Keys

            Orphaning a key means that you mapped it to another key and no longer have anything mapped to it. (Ex. If I map A -> B, I no longer have a key on my keyboard that results in A) To fix this, create another remap with that key as the New Key. We have created a warning to ensure you don’t do this by accident.

            Keyboard Manager Overview

            (The screenshot GIF example below that comment is a deletion of a remapped key.)

            I was able to remap a different key to a different function, and it tested OK, but I still got that warning message. So I think the “unassigned” message is not relevant to your issue.

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        No Idea. Even I get the same message. Lol

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        AskWoody MVP

        I recommend SharpKeys as the interface is much easier to use. Or if you’re interested I have written a PowerShell script that does the trick, but I still use SharpKeys to get the key codes.
        The nice thing about the script is that I can take it to any of my machines run it and done. I’ll be glad to post a link if you’re interested.

        I currently have both the Insert & NumLock keys disabled. I’ll be doing the Caps Lock next as it is driving me crazier as I get older!

        HTH 😎

        May the Forces of good computing be with you!


        PowerShell & VBA Rule!
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        AskWoody Lounger

        MS Powertoys
        Cannot map key to “Sleep” – it’s a known issue:

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