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    In the previous versions of Access, I could create a form with Navigation Buttons along the bottom. When I placed the cursor on the ‘Next Record’ button and pressed the mouse button, the form would scroll through records until I released the mouse button. I cannot duplicate this behavior in Access 2007. I have looked at the Access Options, hoping to find something there, but to no avail. I have data behind the form with a thousand records, so quickly scanning to another record is a big convenience.

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      It’s a “feature” of Access 2007. The capability to continue scrolling through the records has been removed. There’s no solution, as far as I know.

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      Hans, I found the backstory behind this Access 2007 ‘feature’ on the msdn web site. Clint Covington’s entry dated Jan 6, 2007 is copied below and is avail as the last post in
      “I can give you the story about auto repeat. Shortly after beta 1 shipped I wrote a spec to update the visuals of a number of aspects of the UI to be more modern and look more consistent with the new status bar, ribbon, navigation pane, etc. The navigation bar use to have a heavy 3-d look that stood out like a sore thumb. A developer on the team ended up re-writing the control with some new technology components (the original control was built on some very old internal technology that din’t support the new visuals). As part of updating the visuals we missed the auto-repeat feature.
      “You posted about it in this forum a while back and I went and talked to development about bring back the feature. The code was written in a way that he couldn’t use the old logic to do the auto-repeat functionlity. They looked at it and determined end user benefit didn’t out-weight the risk of taking a largish new code change, test the code, fix bugs new bugs, etc. I had a hard time arguing that the feature was widely used by current customers.
      “I should have replied to your original but it took a while to get the final resolution to the issue.
      “I feel bad that the feature was missed in my original spec–honestly, I didn’t know it existed until you mentioned it. We have a bug in the system and I expect it will get fixed in the next version.
      “We haven’t seen bugs entered by beta customers expressing major performance problems with ADPs. If a customer does have perf problems that are new to 2007 we certianly will take a look at the issues and likely fix it through the QFE process. So far, I haven’t seen those issues…
      “IMO – if you look at the list of bugs Allan lists as fixed in 2007 it seems to me that the fixed issues are far more critical than the new to 2007 issues. That said, we are looking at some of the issues on his list for SP1.”

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