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    OK, yes, this is strange request, but Google leads to a lot of non-answers. I believe the answer is to use Linux and mkisofs.exe (something I am not competent to do…)

    How does one create a “CD partition” on a USB Flash drive? Yes this can be done – and I believe it is done regularly with U3 drives. But EXACTLY how does one do it?

    My investigation found advice to make a CD “.iso” and stick it on the drive – but that seems to be too simple and does not necessarily work. Does any really know how this is done? Thanks for humoring me.

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      OK… do I need to post this in a Linux forum — or can any one direct me to the best forum in which to post this question? Thanks.

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        Acronis Disk Director has an option to convert partitions to any valid type, but none of the options it offers seems to be a CD format.

        Here is a screenshot showing a few of the many options available…


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      If you are attempting to come up with a bootable USB drive, see How To: Install Windows 7/Vista From USB Drive [Detailed 100% Working Guide] | Into Windows (NTFS partition) & Installing Win7 using a USB Stick | Media | TechNet Edge (FAT32 partition).



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        No, it is not for a bootable drive, but it is for tricking the OS into believe the USB drive is really a CD. Believe me, it CAN be done — I am holding one in my hand — I just want to figure out exactly how! Initially it was just a simply question, and now I am afraid it is becoming an obsession! smile

        Someone one knows how it is done, and I just need to find that person! I feel like Dagney Taggart looking for John Galt. Anyone have those cigarettes with the gold dollar sign on them? smile [That reference may become a lot less obscure after Angelina Jolie takes on Dagney…]

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          Do you have a U3 Smart Drive? According to U3 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it involves “a specific hardware and software setup” so I don’t know whether you can do this on any old USB drive.

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            I do not believe it is U3 — although that question has come up. I believe U3 is a propriety design from SanDisk. Also that uses a “launchpad” startup screen that I don’t have. This appears to be a simple, cheap USB Flash drive. One partition is done in “CDFS” (cd file system) — which I am told is simply an “.iso” file that contains the files and has been ‘appropriately burned’ to the drive. Since it is an .iso, the OS treats it like a CD. Also, people have posted that you can delete the CDFS partition, but (so far) only using the ‘fdisk’ function from Linux – not Microsoft. Microsoft treats it like a true CDR and you can do nothing with the partition – no writing, no deleting, no renaming – no file system functions at all.

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              From Googling for cdfs usb I indeed get the impression that you have to use Linux. Some people claim to have done it from Windows but evidence appears to be lacking.

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              That is what I found as well – like I said in my first post, googling lead to a lot of non-answers or unclear answers. I was hoping I could bump into someone who has actually done this before, or who is wise enough to tell me a simple way to do this. Likely not gonna happen, but it can’t hurt to ask…

              Probably need to ask in a Linux forum somewhere.

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              If you want to run Linux, it’s very easy to create a bootable Ubuntu CD by downloading and burning the 700 MB ISO file, or (going even further) installing it on your Windows PC using the “Wabi installer”. This latter is woefully badly documented and it takes the usual 30-45 minutes (and can use the file you just downloaded for the CD!), to give you a dual-boot system with a couple of small files in C: and most of the Stuff in C:ubuntu. It does nothing else (as far as I have yet encountered) to one’s Windows partition.

              If you can find out what you want to do in Linux, the above might be a possible method. However I tried to create a bootable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive, but it didn’t work as expected – probably because one’s ancient Windows Home laptop apparently doesn’t support booting from a USB Flash Drive…


              Plethora means a lot to me.

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              Thank you both for the advice. Steve, I will look into that program and see what happens. BATcher, I am not yet sure if I am ready to wade into the Linux waters! Maybe when I am on vacation and have some free time…

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          Could you not mount the USB drive via a Virtual CD program like this one ?
          (I cannot try it as I am at work) 2cents

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