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    Is there a VB equivalent to the following XL formula?
    Formula = CELL(info_type,reference).
    I’m trying to determine if the active cell is a label or value.

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      Any function can be coded as a worksheet functiion:
      answer = Application.WorksheetFunction.CELL(info_type,reference)

      I’m not that’s the best way to do it- but I’m not sure what you mean by “a label or value”. You can look at things like cells(i,j).value or cells(i,j).formula- I don’t know if that’s going to achieve what you want


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      I would use the HasFormula Property. Quote below from Microsoft Help.

      “True if all cells in the range contain formulas; False if none of the cells in the range contains a formula; Null otherwise. Read-only Variant.”

      The sample code from help, slightly modified, with no error checking, gives the general idea how the property works.

      Sub tst()
          Set rr = Application.InputBox(prompt:="Select a range on this worksheet", Type:=8)
          If rr.HasFormula = True Then
              MsgBox "Cell(s) in the selection contains a formula"
              MsgBox "No Formula Found"
          End If
      End Sub


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