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    I have a 7 year old DIY desktop running Win10 Pro that does meet requirements to install Win11.  I want to reuse the 32gb DDR4, 2 1tb SSDs and 8tb Spinning hard drive.  My hope is to do the upgrade with the current win10 Pro, then upgrade that to Win11 Pro.  I am looking at changing out my Intel i5 CPU and Asus Z170-A mainboard for a Ryzen 5700G and Asus B550-PLUS mainboard.  So I know new drivers will be necessary.

    My question is: Can I change out the cpu/mainboard without having to reinstall the operating system and apps?  I found some old links from MS that seemed to indicate this might be possible.  I also found a link indicating I can use my AOMEI Backupper and use an option that says you changed the hardware.  I am assuming that the hardware change will likely require some sort of re-activation.

    Has anyone successfully done this?  If so, can you share the methodology?


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      In Windows licensing terms you will have acquired a new PC.
      You either need a new OEM license or uninstall / install a retail license.

      To get the new hardware to boot you will need to have the disk type set the same (ACPI) or use a bare metal restore method – I don’t know if Aomei supports that.

      After 7 years, why are you keeping any hardware? You are not saving very much money.
      I would either buy new everything or take the “do nothing” option – you have another 2 years of official W10 support.

      cheers, Paul

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      I don’t know about AOMEI Backupper but I know Acronis lets you restore an image to another hardware.

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      As an experiment I’ve used Macrium to “restore” (move actually), Win10 from one PC to a completely different PC.
      It booted, complained a bit, loaded new drivers, and then mostly ran OK. It was not activated. I think you can move a version you legally own, but you are probably (certainly) going to have to call MS.

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