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    I have been asked to set up some sort of change tracking software so that users can subscribe to it and find out when changes are made to my website. I have found free online services for this but wonder if anyone can point me to software that I could buy (or open source software to use) that would allow me to control this a little better. It seems as though the online services don’t last very long so I don’t want to frustrate users by recommending something that just disappears.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated,

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      Do you use a platform that can automatically generate an RSS feed? If so, that would be easiest.

      If not, perhaps you’ve already considered the following: 7 Tools To Make An RSS Feed Of Any Website | Profy[/url]?

      It’s also possible to write your own RSS feeds by hand, but I’m sure it would be incredibly tedious…

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      Thank you for pointing us in this direction. This would be a little extra work but it is “do-able”. The content on the website in question doesn’t change all that often but it is of extreme importance to the population that does use it. The link you sent is very helpful. I think I’m about to learn everything I ever wanted to know about RSS but was afraid to ask!

      Thanks again,

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