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    MICROSOFT 365 By Peter Deegan Last week there were two big — and related — changes to Outlook.com and OneDrive. One is a way for Microsoft to gobble u
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      Because of production deadlines I had to write a timely article based on what Microsoft said they would do on 1st Feb.

      Even though that date has come and gone – there’s no sign of the change in Storage quotas for either Outlook.com or OneDrive. That’s probably a good thing, if Microsoft are taking their time to get any bugs out of the changeover.

      The Microsoft 365 Basic plan (with 100GB of OneDrive and 50GB Outlook.com) started selling on 1st Feb.

      It’s not clear if the email attachments are actually moving from Exchange Server storage to OneDrive or this is merely a change in where the space is counted against.  Hopefully it’s the latter because ‘physically’ moving where attachments are stored is a major change in how Outlook.com/Exchange Server works.

      I’ll update this forum when the change starts appearing in the Storage summaries of Outlook.com and OneDrive.  If it appears for your account, drop me a note here – thanks.

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        With Google when they made their changes, nothing was actually moved to different servers. It was just an accounting change. Maybe this is what will also happen with Microsoft?

        -- rc primak

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          Yes, I suspect / hope that it’ll be the same with Microsoft.  To do otherwise would require a major rewrite in the way Exchange Server works with links between emails and files on OneDrive. Tinkering with infrastructure like that is asking for trouble.

          On the other hand, the way they are describing the change might make people think they can access or even delete attachments from OneDrive.

          We’ll see what happens when the overdue rollout occurs and I’ll summarize here.


          Peter Deegan

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      I’m very wary of “rent to own” and have thus far avoided Outlook.com and OneDrive software. Your article is not encouraging regarding future usage. Thank you for the information and full disclosure on Microsoft impending changes in this area.

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      re: deleting email with attachments

      I have desktop version of Office 2016.  In 2016 outlook the process is a bit more hidden.  after clicking on the search field, the search tool bar opens, and you can click on ‘current folder’ on left side ‘scope’ group.  but there is no button for ‘has attachments’.  to find that click on ‘more’ in the ‘refine’ group, then ‘attachments’, now a field opens below the search field.  click the drop down box> yes.

      why MS thinks one needs a special bar to be filled with ‘yes’ after picking attachments in the previous dropdown, one can only fantasize.  Likely different committees worked on those different parts of the window. And they aren’t allowed to talk to each other.  We already know that no one tests MS software before it is released.

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      Quick query:

      I currently use OneDrive for backups and other cloud-related functions.

      I don’t use Outlook (prefer Thunderbird) and I use the free Open Office.


      I pay $1.99 /month for One Drive.


      Will I continue unscathed or will I be forced to have an Outlook account?



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        Sounds like you were on the old $1.99 pcm OneDrive plan which is now changed to Microsoft 365 Basic.  According to Microsoft, anyone on that old plan was switched to the new ‘Basic’ plan.

        You don’t have to use the Outlook.com mailbox – that’s entirely up to you.  But you might want to consider it since a 50GB online mailbox is very useful.

        Thunderbird is, I believe, compatible with Outlook.com mailbox using an IMAP connection.  You don’t have to use Outlook desktop or mobile software with an Outlook.com mailbox … though there are advantages.

        Are you actually paying $1.99 each month or just describing the plan?  Consider paying annually and saving a few bucks.

        Hope that helps.

        Peter Deegan

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      Yes, I’m (on or was on) the old plan. Thanks for confirming my thoughts. Guess I don’t have to do anything but pay the $20 annual fee (they have not sent me anything yet).


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