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    This summer, the last Windows 7 machines left our office. It’s all Windows 10 now. Where I previously used WSUS to deploy updates, I changed things to Windows update For Business (WuFB), rendering WSUS obsolete. WuFB is pretty simple, mainly because there’s not much to configure. It seems to work ok. Only thing I miss is an easy way to check the update status of all Windows 10 machines. WSUS did a pretty good job in this respect. So I wonder if I can still use WSUS to check the update status? And if so, how to configure it….

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      Been looking for other ways to check installed updates. We use LanSweeper to track all machines in the office. You can download reports from the LanSweeper website to check the status for updates of a particular month. Which means you have to update the report each month.

      Another solution is using Azure Update Compliance. Had a look at it and created a (free) account to see if this is a simple solution. Well, it’s not. It’s a typical Microsoft-solution where a simple problem is solved in a very complex and convoluted way.

      Any thoughts on this problem?

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      Been looking for alternative ways to check ‘update compliance’. Turns out there are a LOT of solutions providing this ability. I gave Patch Manager Plus a try. Free for up to 25 pc’s. Looks pretty good. It’s a sort of WSUS-like thing, but offers updates for all kinds of vendors. Not something I’m interested in. And it requires Agent software on the clients.

      Then I found this article, explaining more or less how to set up WSUS and WuFB. It seems to do the trick…

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      It’t been a couple of months now and this setup works fine. WuFB takes care of updates and WSUS is used to check the update status.

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