• Check iOS for keyloggers


    Trending fake keyboards on the iPhone have been discovered so, it would be prudent to check your idevice by navigating to:

    Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards

    Look for unrecognised keyboards

    More info: https://restoreprivacy.com/iphone-keyboard-clones-log-user-input-across-all-ios-apps/

    Word of Warning:

    ..If you see any entries you don’t recognize on that screen, delete them and consider yourself compromised, meaning that your recent activities on the device might have been exposed to malicious actors..

    I’d imagine iPads will likely be affected, although no indication is given in the article.

    Best to check anyway and if you do find anything suspicious, remove the offending keyboard and change your idevice passwords relative to the device/ devices which would include various apple logins as a precaution.

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