• Chrome is extending support for Windows 7 until at least January 15, 2022.

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    ..After assessing the current situation, and based on feedback from our valued enterprise customers, Chrome is extending our support for Windows 7 until at least January 15, 2022. That’s a 6-month extension from our previously communicated date of July 15, 2021. We’ll continue to evaluate the conditions our enterprise customers are facing, and communicate any additional changes in the future..

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      Brian Fagioli at BetaNews calls using Windows 7 as ‘stupid behavior

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        With 0Patch or ESU, the ‘stupid behaviour’ is a LOT wiser than the recent M$ alternatives that tax your hardware/ trust and navigation skills unnecessarily :)/

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        Brian Fagioli at BetaNews calls using Windows 7 as ‘stupid behavior

        It wasn’t the choice I made, but why let Microsoft off the hook? I can’t read the article (the site seems to be down), but if MS had provided an alternative that was the equal of Windows 7 or XP, people wouldn’t be so opposed to it. Consumers sent a clear message when they rejected Vista and 8… if the Windows version is bad, they won’t upgrade, and MS turned around and gave them 10 such that it is now.  Even after many people refused to take it for free, with one of them suing MS (successfully) for imposing the so-called upgrade on her for free, MS persisted in keeping all of the things that led to people rejecting it for five more years, and counting. For all of the talk of how Windows 10 keeps getting better, it’s still got all of the things in it that led me to abandoning Windows in the first place.

        The announcement from Google about Chrome’s Win 7 support makes it viable that much longer for Chrome users, and if Mozilla has not announced their plans already, I would guess that they will do the same as Chrome devs, as they do.

        Windows 7 is still on borrowed time, but the time that has been borrowed has been given a boost. The browser is the main contact point of the wild, untamed internet with most people’s PCs, after all. I don’t have any statistics to back it up, but if the choice was between a non-updated OS and an updated browser and the reverse, I’d guess the one with the updated browser and the non-updated OS would have a lower chance of picking up malware or being exploited, when it comes to personal, non-business PCs.

        If the goal is to convince Windows 7 users that they should move off of Windows 7, I don’t think calling them stupid (and yes, calling something they’ve done “stupid behavior” is doing that; “stupid is as stupid does”) is going to convince many people.


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      From the article:

      Both home and Enterprise users were well informed of Windows 7’s impending doom and given ample time to upgrade or buy new machines. Guess what happened? Smart people left Windows 7 before support ended while stupid people did not.

      Contrary to Fagioli’s point of view, the ‘stupid’ people only had to set automatic updates and accept all that Microsoft shoved them into. It took smarts to investigate the operating system being pushed on their machines and avoid getting shoved onto W10.

      Smart people avoid telemetry and preserve their privacy. Smart people are using an operating system that works for them, and not for Microsoft. Smart people don’t have to have unwanted programs installed on their machines and using their resources. Smart people don’t submit to endless updating and non-security changes being pushed to their systems. Smart people avoid being unpaid beta testers for a billion dollar corporation. Smart people figured out how to stay on Windows 7 or moved to another non-Microsoft operating system.

      Unfortunately, Microsoft no longer supports a suitable operating system for Home and Pro end users. They could, but instead are implementing a system that cannot function without telemetry, with programs that cannot be removed, and updates that cannot be refused for long. The ‘privacy’ options are a magic act that pretends to give users control, while continuing to harvest data…

      How smart is it to call names, and declare people lazy and indifferent, when it took perseverance and active steps to avoid W10… while ignoring all the reasons that people have chosen to stay with Windows 7, despite corporate bullying? There isn’t any acknowledgement of why people my actually choose to avoid W10… and that is pretty lazy and stupid for a journalist to neglect when writing.

      What is interesting is none of the Windows 7 machines still operating in my family and friends group have had any mal-ware, and remain stable and reliable… day in and day out. Pretty smart choice, I’d say.

      Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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