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    For many years, I used Firefox and NoScript for a very secure and very painful browsing experience.  But, Firefox is now unusably slow and unusably buggy — and even my pain threshold is not high enough.  So, now Chrome is my primary browser.  I did/do the following:

    • Disabled Javascript globally.
    • When I visit a new site and want to allow Javascript, I allow it using the modal at the top right that appears when I click the red thingy.  I then go into the settings tab that I always have open (for now, anyway) and edit the Javascript rule I just added w/ the modal to allow all subdomains. Ex: https://forums.askwoody.com would be changed to https://[*.]askwoody.com so that I don’t have to approve all subdomains of a domain one at a time.

    What else should I be doing to stay safe in Chrome? 

    Thank you!

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      Use a Chromium-based browser such as Brave that does not use Google services. Edge is another choice. There a quite a few third-party browsers available that use the Chromium project as the base for the browser but do not use Google services to track your every move.


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      Thanks, Joe!  I’m all-in on Google Workspace, so I don’t have any tracking concerns that aren’t assuaged by the occasional use of an incognito window.  I’m solely interested in Chrome malware protection practices on this thread.

      I guess I should have mentioned that I’m also using DoH and Google’s DNS servers.

      As a Web developer, I also need to use what my visitors use.  Safari, Edge and Firefox at least appear on market share reports.  Brave and other browsers are just hobbyist tools right now.  Maybe that will change!

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        I actually stopped using Chrome about 6 or 8 months ago in favor of Brave (Chromium).  I started using the relatively new Brave Search engine and I like it a lot.

        I just installed the Skip Redirect extension in Brave from one of your links.

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