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  • Chrome users beware

    Posted on Cybertooth Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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      AskWoody Lounger

      I don’t use Chrome, but a lot of folks do. If you’re among them, you might not have heard about changes in Chrome 69 that may impact your privacy:


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      Da Boss

      Another disturbing fact regarding Google Chrome 69, is the way it clears cookies:

      clearing cookies in Chrome won’t sign you out of any Google service on the Internet or in Chrome.

      with a workaround..for how long
      More info over at Ghacks

      ********** Peng/Wins x86/x64 **********

      - µfix

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      AskWoody Plus

      It would seem, if I understood this correctly, that by always most firmly adhering to my personal policy of never enrolling in any of Google’s services, such as e.g., Gmail, I am free to use Chrome without having to put up with the problem outlined here by Cybertooth.

      Am I right? Please let me know. Thanks.

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        AskWoody Lounger

        That’s my understanding of it, yes: If you don’t establish an account with any Google service, this will not happen to you.

        I would also think that, even if you did have some kind of Google account, if you were to use a Google service on a different device (say, a laptop) where you had never signed in to Google, then you should also be OK on that device.


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      AskWoody Lounger

      I do love Google’s services, and I’ve been a Chrome main user for years now….but I don’t like this.
      If I’m understanding this correctly, there is basically no way of wiping these cookies or traces of your account, outside of possibly uninstalling Chrome. That’s not ok.

      I may switch back to Firefox because of this. (Out of principle more than fear.)

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      Please forgive me for digressing on this thread (can’t find any other appropriate thread) to ask what you think of ProtonMail as a viable switch from GMail — or any other suggestions for an email client that doesn’t spy on us, etc.  From my research ProtonMail would be ideal for me as I have very few emails and would not have to import anything.  I’m currently using Mozilla Firefox and DuckDuckGo for my search engine and would love to leave GMail.

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        AskWoody MVP

        Hello @peacelady!
        I have been using Protonmail for a while. I do use multiple e-mail accounts, from various providers, for various purposes (amazing to be able to say that, since I was very timid at one time)… and Thunderbird is wonderful about collecting and allowing me to access and organize all of them in one place… except Protonmail.

        Protonmail requires that I log in through my browser to access it, rather than automatically showing up in Thunderbird. I have my browser set up to clear cookies on exit, so I suppose I make things a little harder for myself than it could be, when it comes to logging in to something. I set Protonmail up to send me an e-mail notifying me when something arrives, so I only go to it when something is there, whereas all the other accounts arrive to Thunderbird, which is open on my desktop most days and notifies me about ar…

        I’ve reserved Protonmail for communicating with people when I care about privacy… so there are relatively fewer e-mails overall… and I’m gradually moving all my personal communications there. (Okay… well, some family just don’t adapt to change well, but then they never adopted g-mail, either.) Never any problems with spam. I’ve heard tell that it will (haven’t checked lately, so maybe already has) be compatible with other e-mail programs in the future… bit out of the loop on it… as it works fine for what I need, this way. For those on the go, it does have a phone app… I’d prefer accessing all my e-mail through Thunderbird, so it feels somewhat awkward to not have Protonmail doing that, but that is the only ‘problem’ I’ve had with it.

        I suggest that you keep a “throw-away” account (g-mail? another Protonmail account?) to give to anyone that thinks that they ‘need’ an e-mail address from you, that you don’t feel an equal need to get e-mails from… you don’t have to, but I’ve found it convenient to know I can ignore those without mixing them in with my personal/work/or other accounts. I go to them and can safely delete everything en-mass, without much bother.

        It is really nice to know that if I’m communicating with another Protonmail user, we are encrypted, end to end. Sort of feels like the old days, you know, when privacy was a thing we all took for granted…

        Win 7 Home, 64 bit, Group B

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          Thanks Elly — this is very informative.  I especially like your idea of using a throw away email for those folks who request my email address with whom I do not wish to reciprocate.

          I think  to start I will open a ProtonMail for use with my bank and credit card providers who email me with updates etc.  ProtonMail does not yet include the use of a Yubico Key but even so I feel it is much safer than using GMail with the Yubico 2 factor for the banks.

          Also, please see my post here #219757 from Wired that seems to indicate Google will be fixing the sign-in problem soon. 🙂

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        Peacelady: Do a quick search on AskWoody for Proton Mail and you’ll see 9 items. I’m still not using it yet myself, but my reply no. 213934 will be in the batch; also my no. 185666 a few months prior, which I had forgotten about til now. From viewing their site and very limited research I once did on them, it seemed like it could be a good choice, for me at least. HTH

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      Just saw this in “Wired”:
      Update Sept. 25, 2018 10:15pm ET: Chrome announced on Tuesday that based on community feedback it will add a control in Version 70 (coming in mid-October) that will let users turn off the mechanism that automatically turns a Google services sign-in into a Chrome sign-in. “We’ve heard—and appreciate—your feedback,” Chrome product manager Zach Koch wrote in a blog post announcing the change. “While we think sign-in consistency will help many of our users … for users that disable this feature, signing into a Google website will not sign them into Chrome.”

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      I just don’t like Google any more. For the last several months, my default search on all my browsers has been DuckDuckGo, *not* Google. DDG respects my privacy. I don’t like Google’s politics which have been recently reported-on. Then, comes this news in the last day or two about Chrome violating users’ privacy in connex with sign-ons to Google services. Today: That caused me, after mulling it for the last couple of days, to remove both the Opera and the Brave web browsers from my PC, permanently. Both containing Chrome; who knows what stunts Google may pull next? And the silver lining: I stumbled on running Firefox’s Developer Edition, alongside my stable-release Firefox and Seamonkey. The Devel. Ed. will fill my need for a cutting-edge browser, which I had been using Opera for.

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      Honestly, I have to admit I was assuming Chrome was doing this from the very beginning. If you ever sign in to any Google property while using Chrome, the browser itself obviously now knows who you are (in terms of your Google account, that is) and can do whatever it wants to surreptitiously link up its telemetry or advertising cookies or whatever with your account and what it now knows about your identity. Thus why I have always refused to ever log in to any Google property using Chrome.

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      Despite the fact that it’s built on Chrome, I started quite recently using Vivaldi browser. Its operation, looks, functionality all seem fine.
      Just today, I upgraded to current V. 2.0.1309.37. Its release notes state in part (see: ):
      “…The following improvements were made since the initial 2.0 stable release:

      [Regression] Google sign-in cookies are being set in Vivaldi and cannot be cleared (VB-44108)…”

      I realize that Google recently announced that it was stopping the joint tracking of users for both main Google, and Chrome. Although I am happy that Vivaldi is fixing bugs, incl. this one; it ~does~ make me wonder whether this inability to delete Google sign-in cookies was, until this, not a bug, but a “feature”. Get my drift? It might lead one to conclude, for example, never_trust_Google_.

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