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    An Excel 2016 (msi) weirdness that I could really use some help with.

    About half the time, clicking on a cell results in a random number of cells in that column being selected. The extra cells selected are always above the target cell.

    If I click on say cell y428, I may get anywhere from 8 to 350 cells above it also selected. The cursor also jumps to the topmost selected cell in the column, forcing me to scroll back to the target cell.

    It happens most often when I cut and paste data into a cell, but can happen without the cutting and pasting. Clicking on any other cell then back into the target cell clears the selection.

    This happens when I am pasting data, I am not pasting formulas.

    It makes no difference if the affected column contains numbers or text.

    With the unexpected selection active the status bar shows the number of cells selected, the total, the average of the entries or anything else I choose to have displayed.

    Besides innumerable searches, pretty much all of which all tell one how to select multiple cells rather than how to keep multiple cells from being selected, these are the things I have tried:

    A) I have run both the local and online versions of Microsoft repair for Office 2016 msi, with no success.

    B) I have worked the Extended Selection F8 toggle, it makes no difference.

    C) I changed the calculation option from automatic to manual. The change had no effect on the issue.

    D) I have unchecked “Flash fill blank cells” & “Flash fill changed cells” as status bar entries, which had no effect.

    So I am fishing, here, for help. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    (Equipment is a new Dell Latitude 3420 laptop with Intel Core i5 processor and running Windows 10 v21H2, fully updated. The problem existed in v21H1 as well.)

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      Have you tried a different mouse?


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      Have you tried unplugging your mouse, then plugging it back in?


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      Try Googling “excel highlight duplicates” without the quotes.

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      Have you checked whether VBA code is the cause of this issue?
      When you make changes to a cell, this triggers a ‘worksheet change’ event.
      You can use VBA to test for changes to cells, and then make Excel do some stuff.
      For example, you can test whether changes have been made to specific cells, or in specific ranges, in certain columns or rows etc etc etc.
      So pasting into a cell could trigger the change event, and then, depending on where that change was made, either nothing happens or, as per the vba programming, certain other things occur.
      Just saying.


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